Thursday, 9 June 2016

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It was my last day at Hedon branch today.  I'm off tomorrow, then in town from Friday.  My helmet camera arrived the other day, I need to investigate how it works tomorrow, make sure i have in in the best position, and with it being round a bullet shaped, I need to work out which way to put it so the image it records isn't upside down or at a weird tilted angle!  I also ordered myself an Airzound.  I probably don't need these things, but they will make me feel safer, not to mention being a lot of fun!

It was just the two of us in work today, and when he arrived, my colleague told me radio 1 were having a rock day, that he was a bit gutted he couldn't listen to now he was out of the car.  Radio 1 normally play crappy pop and dance music.  So since it was just us, I put the radio on and we listened to decent music all day.  They also had Blink 182 in the studio, they are over for Download, and they did a couple of songs, including the new single.  It was good.  I'm still not sure about Matt Skiba being in the band though.  It's not that I don't want him there, it just makes me worry he's going to neglect Alkaline Trio.  Especially with both him and Dan doing their solo stuff, I'm worried Trio is going to end up a bit like a side project.  The song was really good though, I'll probably have to get the album when it's out next month.

And now, quite randomly, I have one of Matt Skiba's solo songs in my head.  I think it's time for bed.


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