Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I'm baaaack

Tuesday, 5 July 2016 20:54
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Not that I've actually been anywhere, I've just kind of dropped out in internet land again. The referendum and the resulting chaos had me more internees in real life for a while there. We've had a result that nobody, even most of the people campaigning for leave, seemed to actually want, the Prime Minister has resigned, the guy everyone assumed was the favorite to take over ruled himself out, after campaiging for leave. Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP and fellow brexiteer stepped down yesterday, as did another high up member of their party. Meanwhile in the Labour Party, MPs have stages an attempted coup based on the fact that leader of the left wing party is actually left wing and therefore (they say) unelectable. The fact that he was elected by a landslide to lead the party is apparently irrelevant. This had prompted hundreds of thousands of people to join the Labour party this week in anticipation of another leadership contest, which Corbyn has said he will enter, in order to keep him in charge. I've joined too, I like Corbyn, it's good to have someone who genuinely seems to care in charge instead of Tory light.

This is a hilarious but frighteningly accurate explanation of the last week in politics.

In other, less political news, I have my helmet camera up and running, and started collecting the idiots of Hull in a new Youtube channel. Heres a guy who nearly hit me on the way to work yesterday.

And here's a car nearly hitting another cyclist the same day on the way home

There are some idiots out there..!


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