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 It's warm. it's the kind of warm you dint really get here. It's too warm to sleep. That's the main problem, because the rest of the time it's fine. It's good even, but at night it kind of sucks. This is one of the maybe three days annually when air conditioning would be useful. But I'd definitely rather this than rain and cold.

We got Sky Q installed the other day. It's so cool! It's like how you'd think Sky would be if it was owned by Apple! We can record something, watch it on the main box, or access it from another box in the other room. You can pause it in one room and pick it up in the same place on another TV somewhere else in the house. Or on a tablet, you can watch things recorded on your box on your iPad, then if you're going out, just download them to the iPad and take them with you. You can stream anything that's available on demand directly to your iPad, then tell your box to download it for later. It's kind of amazing. I don't think this explanation does it justice. 

Anyway, here goes sleep attempt no. 2!

2016-07-19 05:29 (UTC)
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I'm not sure what Sky is - is that like cable tv? It sounds like the premium package we could get, but it costs an arm and a leg here. (It's a couple hundred bucks a month.) Nik and I are basically chord cutters because we can't justify the expense, especially when we watch so much Netflix, anyway. (We basically get what we could get with our antenna, and only on one TV.) If we really want to see something new, we can pay by the episode through Amazon - it's still way cheaper than premium cable. I don't think either of us has seen live TV in months... I think my brother might have a package like that, though. It sounds really cool.

A lot of my bike rides it's usually in the upper 80's to the mid 90's outside. We cheat the rest of the time though - the apartment has central air. :) I wouldn't want to sleep in that, either.


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