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Sunday, 15 May 2016 19:31
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My mum and I went to see Bryan Adams at Sheffield Arena last night.

Really good show. I've seen him twice before, years and years ago when the KC Stadium in Hull was new and people actually came here, and then a few years later in York. The York show was amazing, it was just him, without his band in a tiny little venue. He took requests from the audience. He took a few requests last night too, actually, when he came on for the encore; he stayed on for over half an hour, just him and his guitar.

I can't even remember all the songs he did, because he was on for about two and a half hours. All the well known ones though, and quite a few off the new album.

Hilarious moment of the gig - he got some girl from the audience to dance all the way through one song and had her on the screen behind him, partway through, the... rather large... guy behind her started doing a striptease! Which of course Bryan Adams thought was hilarious, he stopped singing and said "Welcome to Sheffield everyone!"

We met up with my mum's cousin and her husband before the show. They weren't going, but we met up for some food at Chiquito. I've not seen them in quite some time. I don't know them especially well, but we used to go on holidays together when I was a kid, my mum and dad and us kids, them two and theirs.

After the show we went back to the hotel for a few drinks, then this morning we went to Meadowhall on the way home, not for any particular reason, just because we were nearby. But you can't go to Meadowhall without going to the Disney Store. Going to the Disney Store is never a good idea for me though, so I came out with a couple of t-shirts and this fairly awesome BB-8 suitcase, which was on offer, (I did need a little suitcase, though this wasn't exactly as practical as I might have gotten at Domo!) while my mum was unable to give into the temptation to spoil her grandkids, with a Rapunzel press up dress for Poppy and a really cute Finding Nemo swimsuit for Hazel.

All in all, a weekend well spent!

We have a dress down day at work tomorrow to raise money for Alzheimers research. I might wear one of my new t-shirts. Maybe the Captain America one.

Dan Videos

Wednesday, 4 July 2012 21:29
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Here are the some of the videos I did of Dan Andriano on Saturday. I ahve some of Brendan Kelly but none uploaded yet. It takes forever to upload them to Youtube.


Saturday, 11 February 2012 01:15
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I got myself the new Alkaline Trio album the other day. Well, it's not really new. There are a few new tracks on it, but it;s mostly old stuff, but re-done. I like it. There's a lot of acoustic stuff on it, and I do love their acoustic stuff, and some of the songs are actually better than the originals. The new version of the American Scream with the piano is amazing, so much more powerful than the original. And I adore the cover of I Held Her In My Arms, and the new song I Remember a Rooftop confused me a bit. Took a while to decide whether I knew it already or not. Turns out it shares some lyrics with a song on Dan Andriano's solo album. Not sure which one came out first, I didn't get this at first since it wasn't really new. I should have though, because it's seriously awesome
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I'm back!

Actually I've been back for a while, I've just not got around to updating. In fact, this is the first time I've turned my computer on since I got home.

London was fun. Well, not London itself. London was, as always, a very stressful experience. But the show was awesome. We arrived at the Hotel about half past four, got settled then went out to eat. We decided to find the venue first, so we didn't end up in the wrong place, so went in a Nando's that was practically next door. I was dubious, after all, I'm a vegetarian, and it;s a chicken restaurant, but the vegiburger was delicious and I'd definitely go again. We met up with a friend of my brother's in the queue, he was going on his own, and he'd flown in form the Philippines just for the show. Crazyness. he was flying back the next day. The venue was tiny. We were near the back, and we were still close. It was so small that for the last song, she unplugged her guitar and stepped away from the microphone, and could still be heard perfectly.

There was a meet and greet after the show where she signed stuff and let us take photos.

Seriously awesome.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 21:02
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So, R.E.M. have split up. That was a bit of a surprise to see on my news feed. They're one of those bands that have always been around, that I assumed always would. Luck to them. I'll be there if they do a reunion tour.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 21:02
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The more I listen to Dan Andriano's solo album, the more I like it.
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Probably just general exhaustion caused by a sleepless night last night, crazy yet awesome dreams and my brother waking my up in the middle of the night by blending something (don't ask, no idea) but I was driving to work listening to My Chemical Romance, and their song Summertime came on, and does it make anyone else think Sam/Edgar?

Maybe it's just the fic I'm writing at the moment, or the mood I was in this morning, but now I've thought it, I can't unthink it. There are a few songs on that album that inspire this kind of thinking, actually. Not sure what made this one stand out this morning.

Oh no!

Monday, 23 February 2009 00:03
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Just discovered via my flist that The City Drive split up last month. That's a shame! Now I need to listen to their music and sulk!

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Saturday, 1 November 2008 17:17
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I went to see Bryan Adams last night.

It was a really small venue, the Grand Opera House. It was absolutely tiny. Like, I thought Hull New Theatre was tiny, but it must have been a third of the size, if that. It was just him and an acoustic guitar, and occasionally a guy on piano, and it was absolutely amazing.

The audience were talking to him. When I saw Def Leppard I was on the front row and screaming along with the songs with no danger that the band would hear me. There there were people at the very back yelling stuff out and he was answering. People requested songs and he played them.

Oh, and he's absolutely hilarious.

Between songs he told stories and anecdotes about how they were written and had a laugh with the audience. Like how The Summer of '69 was written in his friend's basement studio where his malicious cat who probably didn't like them much, would pee everywhere. He did an impression of himself wondering around trying to locate the source of the smell. Then later on he was asking the ushers why the two bottom boxes were closed and had the curtains drawn, and someone at the back yelled "They smell of cat piss, Bryan!" and he practically collapsed laughing.

So anyway, the show was amazing. He kept saying his voice sounded weird because he'd been singing so much on the tour, but it sounded great so me. I'm still in shock though at how small the place was. I didn't get a lot of photos because the camera-nazi ushers were on the prowl, but I did get a short video, which I'll post when I get chance.

Def Leppard Picspam!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008 17:44
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I finally got around to uploading my pictures from the show. Some of them are really good, which makes a huge change form normal since I'm usually behind the tallest guy there and he's decided to wear a hat. Not this time though. Yay!

So, pictures!

And the rest... )

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008 23:15
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So, the Def Leppard show was amazing. We were right at the front. The front row! The view was incredible.

Right now I'm pretty exhausted, so there is a danger of this pose becoming one long, run on paragraph punctuated with random squeeing and exclamation marks, but I'll try not to!
Cut for length )

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008 02:25
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Just got back from seeing the Foo Fighters. I'm exhausted, I'm going to bed.


Monday, 26 November 2007 20:16
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I can't find my copy of The Black Parade anywhere! The case is there, but the disk is gone. Oh this sucks. Thank G-d for my Ipod.
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I'm sure Smartpunk used to charge a fortune for international shipping, like when I ordered Always Moving Never Stopping by The City Drive, the CD was around $10 and they charged me another $17 for shipping. Now it's gone down to something more normal. Cool.

I'm shopping online (at Smartpunk, which is why I noticed) but the card I got with my HSBC account is a Maestro, which isn't listed as a card type on American sites, probably on Canadian ones too. Which sucks. So I'll have to keep my Co-op (Visa) one for stuff like that. I was going to keep it anyway, but I sort of envisioned just leaving it there dormant, but I can't not shop on my favourite sites, can I? Well, I could be really grown up and get a credit card, I suppose...

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Sunday, 27 May 2007 02:13
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Went to see The Who tonight. It was a really good show. I went with my dad, who picked me up straight from work. Mum wanted to go, but she fell down last week and she didn't think she'd be able to stand for all that time.

When we got back, she confused my by telling me what songs they had played in what order. Apparently she could hear it that well from our back garden!

Anyway, since it was something that was happening at the KC Stadium, it rained. I'm sure that place is cursed, has there ever been a show there when it didn't rain? Ah well, it was still good. And it didn't rain as much as when I saw REM or Bryan Adams, so maybe the KC curse is losing its power a bit...

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Wednesday, 18 October 2006 10:19
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I haven't had time to post until now. I went down to Bristol this weekend to see AFI. The show was amazing. The place they were playing was really small, it was divided into three parts, a main floor, a small bit with a bar and an upstairs bit where you probably had a great veil, but I doubt it really felt like you were there. If that makes sense. We were in the front part, which sort of turned into a giant mosh pit. Which was cool, except for the getting stomped on part! But the front was definitely the best place to be. And they did loads of my favourite songs. Jennie was a bit disappointed they didn't do Killing Lights though, but I don't know what she loves so much about that song. They did Miss Murder, of course. It was the last one they did, and the whole place sort of exploded! They weren't on for that long though, or maybe it just seemed short, I don't know. The two support acts were good too.

The place was really weird though, if you have a bag, they search it. So anyone without a bag could go to the front. And they for some reason didn't allow sweets. So I had this packet of tic tacs in my bag, and the guy said he should take them, but let me keep them. Weird. Someone in front of me had a huge bar of chocolate taken though, a mint Aero, one. I don't know why they were taking a huge bar of chocolate to an AFI show though...

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Tuesday, 12 September 2006 09:46
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I'm going down to Bristol on the 15th October, partly to visit my sister at uni, mostly to see AFI. The plan was to get a train down Sunday morning, arrive sometime mid-afternoon, go to the show, then have a look around Bristol with Jennie on the Monday morning before getting a train back up in the afternoon. And then I tried to book a train.

Getting back was no problem, but getting there they must have closed some of the track of something, because all I can do is get a train to Sheffield, change, train to Birmingham, bus to Gloucester, train to Bristol. It would take around 7 hours. Which means that unless I want to arrive exhausted and headachey, five minutes before the show starts, I'll have to go down the day before. Which would be fine, apart from I work Saturdays. And the trains are all messed up then too, so there's no chance of getting a later one.

So then I get in yesterday, and my mum tells me she's found flights from Leeds/Bradford to Bristol. £35 each way, only marginally more than the train. And gets me there in an hour instead of 7. Unfortunately, there aren't any during the day on Sunday, so I'll have to go on Saturday morning. But, she says, they'll probably go fast, so Id best book them if I want them. Problem is, I haven't got the day off work yet. Getting a day off work involves filling in a form and waiting about a week to find out whether it's been accepted or not. By which time it would probably be too late.

And so, I book it. I figure I'll fill in the form at the next possible opportunity and hope to hell they okay it. And now I'm worrying that they won't. I think I've done something a little stupid! But it's booked and I can't get it refunded. So whatever they say, I'm not going to be going in on that Saturday.

Well, I'm giving them over a month's notice, and it's only the second day I'll have had off. And I've never called in sick. It'd be a bit unfair for them to say no, wouldn't it?

Oh dear...
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For anyone who cares, you can see The City Drive's video it Defeated here. It's...interesting.

I'm considering applying to do a creative writing course at the university. It's a part time university course though, which means that if I stick at it for 6 years I could end up with a degree. It also means it costs £500 for one year. Which is kind of a lot. looks like it might be good though, and its only a ouple of hours a week, so I might go for it. I might not get accepted anyway though, so I guess I'll see what happens.

Also, I can't believe Steve Irwin died! :-(

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Monday, 28 August 2006 00:11
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Working 9-6 isn't so bad, but I hate 9-8. It's seriously insane. I worked 9-6 today as overtime, which is all good because my part time hours suck. But I want 9-6 every day, because I almost felt like I didn't need to go straight to bed afterwards. Wow, two extra hours makes all the difference, finishing at 8 is juts too late for a Saturday. Never mind.

I've got tickets for AFI in Bristol in October. My sister's at uni there, so I'll be able to use her flat as an impromptu doss house for the night. Which is good.

In other news, I hate my job with a vengeance and really really need to find a new one before they introduce rules against breathing or something. With all the new insane rules this week, it really wouldn't surprise me.

The last Monk ep of this half season aired on Friday, I have it but I haven't watched it yet. I'm reluctant because it means no more new Monk until January after I've seen it!

By the way, if this post seems random/insane/weird it's because I've had a bit (of a lot) to drink. That's another good thing about finishing at 6:you get a lot more drinking time in!


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