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Thursday, 14 July 2016 16:13
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 Work are moving me back to Hedon branch, but this time they want me to run the place.  I'm aware that this is down to an extreme shortage of staff, the person running that branch is being moved in to town to fill the place of a person who has recently gone on maternity leave, whose job was going to go to somebody else until she announced that she is pregnant again too and will be leaving again soon.  But still, actually running a whole branch.  Me?  I mean, I'm fairly sure I can do it, it's not like I haven't done it for odd days before, but they moved me into town to learn more about the back office role and I haven't really learned very much yet because everything is happening way ahead of schedule.  On the plus side, this is the job I was planning on applying for when one of my colleagues retires in December, which means I'll have a lot of experience of already doing the role when I apply, which is good.  On the negative side, I'm not going to get any more money for taking on a hell of a lot more responsibility.

Well, we'll see how it goes...

It's a shame though, because I've been enjoying cycling to work.  So I got it into my head that I might be able to cycle to Hedon.  It's only about nine miles away, and there is an off road cycle track about half of the way, so since I had a day off today I decided to try it out.  It was pretty good, actually, took just under an hour.  When I drive there, I can do it in about 30 minutes most days, but I have to leave earlier than that in case the traffic is bad, so I wouldn't actually have to leave that much earlier.  It was pretty tiring though, but I guess maybe I just need to build up a bit of stamina.  I probably won't do it every day, but sometimes, definitely.

In other news, the Labour party have decided that Jeremy Corbyn doesn't need any nominations to get onto the ballot in the leadership election, which makes perfect sense, as he is already the leader and someone had just come along and challenged him.  Angela Eagle's supporters aren't happy about it though, because he's way too popular for her to win, who they have had a rule passed than anyone who has joined the party since 12 January this year won't get to vote.  This is because most of those who have signed up recently support Corbyn and signed up in order to vote for him, knowing that someone would try to get rid of him.  This all seems a but underhanded and undemocratic to me.  But there are ways around it, which leaves me wondering whether I should secure my right to vote for him by paying a one off fee of £25 in the two day window they are allowing to join up as a registered supporter (I bet they will 'accidentally' have the site crash to stop people), or by joining an affiliated trade union.

I'm baaaack

Tuesday, 5 July 2016 20:54
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Not that I've actually been anywhere, I've just kind of dropped out in internet land again. The referendum and the resulting chaos had me more internees in real life for a while there. We've had a result that nobody, even most of the people campaigning for leave, seemed to actually want, the Prime Minister has resigned, the guy everyone assumed was the favorite to take over ruled himself out, after campaiging for leave. Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP and fellow brexiteer stepped down yesterday, as did another high up member of their party. Meanwhile in the Labour Party, MPs have stages an attempted coup based on the fact that leader of the left wing party is actually left wing and therefore (they say) unelectable. The fact that he was elected by a landslide to lead the party is apparently irrelevant. This had prompted hundreds of thousands of people to join the Labour party this week in anticipation of another leadership contest, which Corbyn has said he will enter, in order to keep him in charge. I've joined too, I like Corbyn, it's good to have someone who genuinely seems to care in charge instead of Tory light.

This is a hilarious but frighteningly accurate explanation of the last week in politics.

In other, less political news, I have my helmet camera up and running, and started collecting the idiots of Hull in a new Youtube channel. Heres a guy who nearly hit me on the way to work yesterday.

And here's a car nearly hitting another cyclist the same day on the way home

There are some idiots out there..!


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