Thursday, 15 April 2004

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I've been fighting it for days, but I'm finally going to have to admit it, I've been sucked back into the Ghostbusters fandom. I'm trying to do my work, really, I am. I've got to write another 2000 words on my dissertation and revise for my Transformations exam, my Dutch exam and prepare for my German oral. And I have been, honest. The thing it, I've been taking a break every hour or so to read Ghostbusters fan fic, and all the rest of the time I'm thinking about Ghostbusters. It's mad, I know. I mean, how does that make any sense, a 22 year old obsessing over a program she used to watch when she was 10. Well, not just the program, there's also the film, which by the way I watched last night, and forced my dad and sister to watch too. I'll have to watch the second one now.
I've also printed off's epguides to RGB and EGB and stuck them on the inside of my wardrobe door so I can cross off the eps as I tape them. I thought I had most EGB episodes, but apparently there’s a load I don't. Fox kids are showing RGB every morning, so I've been getting up to watch it, which at least means I get out of bed and manage to get a bit more work done. Even if I am humming that damn tune the whole time! Ah well, I love it! I think it's great when I get this way about something, I just wish I could think about other stuff for a few hours a day so I could concentrate better on my dissertation.


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