Thursday, 16 December 2004

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Here are some random thoughts...

I am very tired
I have told a lot of lies today
Nothing is a very good film
I must get Jennie and Emma to watch Nothing
I'll have to tidy my room before they go up there
I hate tidying my room
I wonder why I am doing this
I wonder when someone else will post on the message board
The Storm was a very good Atlantis ep, but I wish we could have seen Rodney be tortured
I wonder if that makes me sick and weird?
If I could hate away anything I wanted, I have no idea what I would get rid of
I should really update my story sometime
I haven't written anything today. That makes a change.
I wonder if I will ever finish the slash story I'm half way through.
I hope I do finish it, I would like to see how it works out
I really need to buy christmas presents for people
I got some photos developed today, and I looked quite good in some of them!
I wonder what's up with my weird hurting wrist and finger. It's been 10 weeks or more now
There is only the days to christmas
I have so many prezzies to buy
I wonder what I will get
I'm going to bed now.

138 hours, 45 minutes to the next Atlantis...


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