Friday, 1 April 2016

Vegan menu!

Friday, 1 April 2016 19:26
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I'm super excited about this. In the Sports Bar at Center Parcs, they have an actual vegan menu. Not only that, but it has a really decent choice on it. I'm vegetarian not vegan, but vegan food is pretty awesome so I ordered something from that instead because the vegetable kebab sounds pretty yum.

Center Parcs

Friday, 1 April 2016 17:30
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Greetings from Center Parcs.

I's amazing how things have moved on since the first time we came here. Back then we had no mobile phones and we had to rely on telephone boxes for communication with the outside world. Then a few years later we has a brick-like mobile phone and the only place you could get a signal was standing in the top of one particular little hill, meaning that there was a queue to stand there a lot of the time. We didn't come for years after that, then when Poppy was born we started coming again, and found there was still no mobile phone signal but Wifi in the village, which was kind of amazing but did mean that you had to walk down there to get online. Then last year, miraculously, there was a phone signal here. This time, we have wifi in the villa. It's amazing, it's like actually being in the 21st century!

This also means that as I have my IPad and my keyboard with me, I might even get some fic posted. We'll see...

We've been in the pool today, round the Rapids quite a few times, played a bit of catch in the pool, and convinced Poppy to go in the plunge pool a few times. Been on a few water slides too. Annoyingly, all the hair dryers were broken, and only worked for a few minutes before stopping. I got one that kept working but was cold. As a result, my hair looks hilarious. I'll need to fix it before we go out to eat!


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