Friday, 8 April 2016

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I've been rereading some old comics, taking advantage of the last of my days off before I'm back at work on Monday. I came across this today. I'd seen it before, but it really seems to do a great job of giving a visual representation of how Matt 'sees' the world, much better than the radar sense panels you get more often. Not that I dislike those of course, though I'm not a huge fan of the radar sense - I much prefer the way Matt seems to experience the world in the series. They do mention the radar sense a few pages later, and there are bits of it here too, but mixed in with everything else, which is nice. I think this is kind of an intro to the character for people new to him, and a reintroduction for people coming in from the previous series.

For context, this is from a short, extra story in Daredevil 1 (2011). This is the series that followed the one that ended with Shadowland, which was very dark. Matt has come back determined to be happy and optimistic, and Foggy is... unsure about it.

I love this because there's just so much going on there, the birds wings, the sound, and/or perhaps scent of the woman's hair, the fumes from the car, the smell of the dog mess, people talking, the (pizza?) on the back of the motorcycle, music from someone's iPod... It just seems like a nice representation of all the stuff he is constantly aware of just in his everyday life.



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