Sunday, 8 May 2016


Sunday, 8 May 2016 00:11
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Today was one of those stupid days where nothing goes right.

You know the movie Clerks? "I'm not even supposed to be here today." Someone convinced me to swap shifts with him. I'm sure he was lying about why, he claimed the road had been messed up and they had given him an extra day, but I know he's a Hull City fan, and it turns out they were playing at home today. I bet he spent an nice sunny afternoon at KC Stadium. Never mind, I suppose on the upside I wasn't stuck watching football all afternoon! :)

I only get one day off this weekend now, and my mum and sister (and nieces) are heading to Cleethorpes for a day on the beach, so that's not something I can ever turn down. It may be a stereotypical English seaside town, but I spent most of my childhood summers there, so I will always love it Plus, penny falls that still take 2p coins...

Monday I have to go to Sheffield for the course that I missed out on in March when I was with the stupid bronchitis/laryngitis combo. I'm convinced I still have the same bug now, but it's mostly on the way out, despite the ears thing that's till happening.

It's annoying really. I've driven to Sheffield once or twice before, it's not that far away, and it's where my mum is from, but I'm not confident at all driving in the city, and I have to get to Sheffield United grounds by 9am. Any other day, my mum would be able to take me and then spend the day with her cousin, but because it's that particular day, her cousin is out of town and I have to be a grown-up and drive myself.

The football grounds is about a five minute drive from where my nana and granddad used to live though, so I was thinking that before I head home, I might go there and have a look around, see if it still looks the same. I've not been there in about 25 years, but on Google maps it still looks the same. I'd be interested to see it in person.

On Saturday next week, I'm back in Sheffield again to see Bryan Adams. Funny how things happen all at once.


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