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Monday, 19 September 2016 23:53
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 I had to drive my mum's car to work today.  It was... nerve-wracking is probably the best description.  It's an automatic, and I've never really driven one before.  In fact the only times I've driven one are the few times I've driven her car on the motorway on a long trip when she's there too, and that's not the same thing at all!

My car was in for it's MOT.  It passed, eventually, so I have it back now, but while it was in I still needed to get to work.  I spent the whole trip trying to press the clutch and stomping hard on the bit of floor where it should be.  Also, trying to put the lever thing that decides whether it's in drive or park or whatever in the right place, which I couldn't do without looking.  In my car I can switch between gears without even thinking about it.  This, I had to think about, and that was weird, it was like learning to drive again.

I survived it though, and the car did too.  I think mu mum expected me to come home determined to get an automatic.  Nope.  It honestly doesn't feel like driving to me.  it's like dodgems, one pedal for go, one for stop!  apparent;y she took to it really quickly though, when she hired one on holiday in Australia, and didn't want to go back to gears.  Maybe I needed a longer run to get the hang of it.  I'm glad I don't want one though, they are super expensive!  Plus my little car still has a lot of life left in it.  I hope.

So the MOT is don't, the renewal quote for the insurance was reasonable, and in fact not much more than the next cheapest I can find online and without the faff of switching, so Im going to leave it, and I did the tax as soon at the MOT was done, so I'm good to go for another year.  What a relief, I hate this time of year when I end up paying for everything again.

In unrelated news, KCOM, our usually fairly useless broadband provider with whom we are stuck because they have a monopoly in the area, have finally made the ultrafast broadband available in our street.  We got it upgraded today, and it works.  260 Mbps!  Yesterday we were lucky to get 5.  I've been celebrating by downloading a bunch of free movies from Sky and marveling at the time it takes to get them!


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