Sanctuary 3x08

Tuesday, 7 December 2010 23:58
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After several days of my flist being bombarded with an explosion posts in the Sanctuary communities about For King and Country, I was expecting something special. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed.

does need to happen sooner or later.

I love stories about the Five. But something was missing here, and I'm not sure what it was. Maybe just the fact that I'd seen and carefully avoided all the frantic reaction posts, fanfic and icons that the episode prompted. Maybe the weird way in which they've now decided that the British government knew all about the Five. I mean, what the hell? And then, becuase they happened to know Jekyll/Hyde at university, they send them off on a mission to get him. And the reason he wanted to poison thousands of people? Well, his daughter died of leukaemia...
I know he's a psycho, but if he blames Magnus and Watson, shouldn't he just have tried to kill them? Something didn't seem right.

Also, Jekyll and Hyde? Really? Come on, this is getting a bit silly. Watson I can buy, they explained it nicely, but why is this fictional character in the show now?

Hollow Earth is a bit silly too, isn't it? It's sounding like a sci-fi story from the early 18th century, back when people didn't know as much about the world and that might be almost believable. In fact, I think I did once read a very old sci-fi story where someone went underground and found an ancient, enlightened civilization, and I think it was from that era. The women were equal to the men, which would've been quite a crazy idea back then. But whatever.

So now to save Helen from death by radiation poisoning they are going to journey to hollow earth and get a cure. All good stuff, but not great, somehow. I'd come to expect something more from this show.

But still, Tesla. And better yet, Tesla interacting with Henry, I love when those two get together. And I did enjoy Hyde calling Will Helen's concubine.

I dunno, maybe it's me. Maybe it's all the hype from the spoilercuts I resisted clicking on, or maybe it's that I'm tired or something. Maybe on second watching it will be awesome, but Revelations it was not. The Five, it was not. Something that should've been there wasn't, or something that shouldn't was.
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