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Saturday, 23 July 2016 18:48
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 The family have all gone down to visit my nana in Hertfordshire.  I didn't go because they're not coming back till Monday and I have to be at work.  My mum is returned, my dad is semi retired, but he's a teacher and he doesn't work in the holidays, and my sister is currently on maternity leave.  Poppy's off school for the summer, so it's just me going to work.  Depressing.  I could have gone down and then caught the train home tomorrow, but I'd only have arrived this afternoon and I'd probably have to leave by noon-ish tomorrow, it didn't seem worth it, plus there is no direct train and I hate having to change, I spend the entire trip paranoid that I'll miss the connection, or not be able to find the next rain or something.  Also, I always <i>always</i> end up sat near some people on their way to a hen or stag do, getting progressively drunker as the journey progresses!  So, it's just me for a few days.

As much as I should be using the time to tidy up and stuff, I have to admit I've gone for a long walk looking for Pokemon instead.  I even ventured to one of the gyms and had a battle.  I won too, but got booted out immediately.  I'm still not sure how the gyms work.  Then when I got back, I made myself a baked potato and watched TV for about two hours.  I've also been experimenting with overnight oats.  I'm trying to lose a few pounds before my holiday next month and I'm trying to find something filling and healthy to have for lunch, because I keep getting those curry rice pots, and they might be yummy, but healthy they are not!

I've also just noticed that the weird Sky Movies channel that changes all the time has switched from being the Tom Cruise channel to the Star Trek channel for the weekend, so I might settle in for the night and watch my three faves.  The Wrath of Khan, the Search for Spock and the Voyage Home, obviously.
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