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A seriously awesome blast from the past. I've not watched this show in so long.

Blame it on the Haim

What's the Story, Mourning Corey
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I must have still been half asleep when I got dressed this morning, becuase just before I walked out the door to go to work, I noticed that I was wearing my work shirt and name badge all correctly, but I had on a pair of jeans and my Marvel Comics belt. Oops. Cue running upstairs to get changed quickly.

On my lunch time, (becuase yes, I am the nerd who brings her laptop to work to write fic on breaks) I found an old fanfic I was working on about two years ago that I had forgotten about. It's a crossover between the Lost Boys and Big Wolf on Campus. It's very short and nowhere near complete, and I feel the urge to work on it.
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I'm starting to like Teen Wolf. It really has ripped off Big Wolf on Campus, but it seems to have taken the good parts, then added in more good parts. I was wrong when I said there's no Merton, the best friend character does a passable impression, actually, though he'll never be as good. And he doesn't have a lair. But this episode he did reveal himself to have a healthy knowledge of werewolf lore that comes from old horror movies, and appeared suitable confused that Scott hadn't seen the movie in question. One thing that was missing from that exchange though, was the "What happened?" joke. "In the movie Merton. What happened in the movie?"

The glowing yellow eyes on the sports field are taken right out of BWoC, as is the looking at his transformed hands before running away to turn someplace he won't be seen. The love interest is more Stacy than Lori, probably because she doesn't know the truth, but I'm interested to see whether she knows about what her father does. Maybe she's even been trained to do the same.

The main character is so very Tommy Dawkins about what's going on, kind of freaked out, trying to be normal, he even looks a bit like Brandon Quinn. Friend guy looks nothing like Danny Smith though, unfortunately. And he's on the lacrosse team too, which de-Mertons him further. Also, lacrosse? I wonder why that sport? Is it something they play a lot of in American schools? I've only ever seen it before in the occasional episode of House, and before that when I was little and reading those Enid Blyton boarding school books. Posh, pampered little rich girls played that at their school, between midnight feasts and getting one over on the teachers occasionally. I can't take it seriously as a sport because of that.

But anyway, Teen Wolf = Big wolf on Campus. In a good way though. It's strange, becuase back when I was first watching Big Wolf, I'm sure I said the opposite thing. That it was totally based on Teen Wolf. The movie from the 80s, that is. So I guess if Big Wolf borrowed from Teen Wolf, it's only fair that Teen Wolf take back what it lent. But next I want a new Big Wolf on Campus, based entirely on Big Wolf but taking the good new bits from Teen Wolf. With a Merton who has a lair, and with the occasional cameos from Brandon Quinn and Danny Smith, and a million references to the show.

So while I wait for that to appear, I'm going to sit back and watch some Big Wolf on Campus, because writing this has made me really crave it.

Teen Wolf

Thursday, 7 July 2011 21:07
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This new Teen Wolf show definitely has echoes of Big Wolf on Campus...

There is no Merton character though. It needs a Merton. Also, watching it makes me want to watch Big Wolf on Campus, becuase this is nowhere near as awesome.
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I have just seen my first new episode of Big Wolf on Campus in 3 1/2 years! Because of that, this post will contain fangirlish squeeing about and numerous quotes from a show that you have probably never seen.
That's why it's behind a cut )
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I've now finished copying Big Wolf season one onto DVD and got started on season two. Go me! I've been going through my videos though, and it looks like I'm missing one more episode than I thought. I didn't have one of the season two ones because I don't think they ever showed it here, but now I can't find 'Being Tommy Dawkins' either. That sucks, it's the last one I saw, and so the one I've seen least, but I do remember it being hilarious. I wonder if I taped it on a separate tape. I've dragged all my videos out of various cupboards and boxes to check what's on them and now have a room full of videos piled so high it looks like I'm building a wall.

Also, I just remembered that I forgot to watch Desperate Housewives last night. Luckily, I watch the E4 ones, so I can just watch two next week. But I don't know how I managed to forget! Brain addled from too much Big Wolf on Campus, probably. Never mind.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2006 13:42
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Okay, so no one is ever going to give me a prize for my awesome spelling ability, and my mastery of grammar it's perfect either, but do I really need to do a basic skills course to improve my literacy? According to my new deal adviser I do. And she reached this conclusion because I wasn't sure how to spell 'voluntary'. I just had to write down what I am doing at the school, and I made the mistake of admitting I wasn't sure how to spell the word. It's just one of those evil words that I can't do. The number of them has declined dramatically over the past few years, but there are still a few that no matter how many times I write it I just can't get it right. So what?

I informed her that I don't need to do basic skills literacy because I did a test at the Skills Initiatives place (I've got to go back there next month *shudder*) and they said I passed easily, plus I've got an A level in English and a university degree, but she insists that I should do it. Luckily, she also admits that there is no way she can force me. Anyway, basing it on the questions in the test to see if I needed it, there is no way it would help with spelling anyway, at least not with my spelling problems, if it would with any. I just feel a little insulted.

Anyway, veering off in a totally different direction, my minor Big Wolf On Campus obsession has led me to the website of The City Drive. They're a band with Danny Smith (aka Merton from BWOC) in. He sings, plays guitar and keyboard, and they are really good, in an addictive punk/pop/rock kind of way (which is of course the best way, or up there with them, anyway!). You can download songs on their website, I particularly recommend Bring Me Everything, but the other three are great too. I've been sending everyone I know there to get them, so anyone who reads this, go! I really can't wait for their album!
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I have a minor dilemma. I've finally got started on this Traders fic, and now it seems my muse is trying to coerce me into doing another chapter of a Big Wolf on Campus fic I didn't finish a while ago. Most annoying, because I really want to do the Traders fic.
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Every time everyone goes away I'd I'm home alone for a few days, I always find a new obsession. This is a trend that I've been noticing for years, but I thought I was imagining it. Apparently not. This time I broke from tradition and became re-obsessed with something. The something in question is Big Wolf on Campus, and for this re-obsession, I blame [profile] blackbeltbarbie, who mentioned the show in passing during a post last week. (:-p)

So, I have spent most of today watching the video's that I recorded, what, six years ago?  I'm so glad I never record over anything!  I've also been copying the episodes onto DVD, I was hoping I'd be able to use the DVDs to get screencaps, but they won't play properly in VLC and I've looked everywhere but can't find any info about making caps in Media Player that works.  Very annoying, because I know I used to be able to do it.

Ah well, I've had a great time rediscovering the show that first got me into slash.  Honestly, it has to be the slashiest kids show ever made, probably makes the top four or five slashiest shows period.

I have to get me a BWOC icon.


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