New Who!

Sunday, 4 April 2010 17:09
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So, Doctor Who was pretty awesome yesterday. I get very nervous when a new doctor starts. I don;t know why, the show has proved time and again that it will come up with the right man for the job. He was really funny, too. I can;t wait to see where they go with this series. They were definately setting something up there, with the cracks in the universe. I think it's going to be fun!

Doctor Who

Sunday, 17 June 2007 12:49
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The world and fandom seems to be divided on the latest episode of Doctor Who, some unable to form coherent thoughts without disintegrating into fangirl/boyish squees, and others who seem less than impressed. I'm coming down strongly on the side of the side of the sqeeers.

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Saturday, 22 April 2006 23:52
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Milly is so cute, she doesn't like birds. There was just one on the tv, she was lounging on the chair watching, and this crow suddenly squawked and flew off, and she barked and growled at it for ages, really freaked out. Poor Milly. Seems to have calmed down now though.

Also, I'm it's really funny that my friends page has no fewer than twelve entries hidden behind cuts, hiding spoilers in people's random squeeage about the latest Doctor Who.

No spoilers in mine, all I need to say is I'm amazed at how much more I liked it than last week's. And I definitely like 10. I still miss 9 though, but I think that will start to wear off fairly quickly. Also, I love Rose. Not for any reason in particular, I just do.

I'm going to the pictures tomorrow to see American Dreamz. Were supposed to go today, but Doctor Who was on. No, it wasn't just me that didn't want to have to tape it. So now we're going tomorrow afternoon. Jennie's leaving tomorrow too, first think in the morning, back to uni. I barely saw her while she was here, when she wasn't out or in bed, I was at work. Ah well.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2006 01:03
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My aunt and cousin have been and gone. It was quite fun, actually. Apart from that I couldn't watch Invasion on Sunday, but I'm watching on E4, so I'll just watch two next week. Went to Cleethorpes (seaside town where we always used to go when I was little) on Sunday, ate chips, had a wonder around, it was fun. I'd like to go back again though, since we didn't arrive until gone 2, so we didn't have much time. Our own fault of course. That's what happens when you stay up the night before drinking and watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert, then lie in til gone 10 and then take ages to get gone, and then find it impossible to find a parking space. Ah well.

What else did we do..? Not much really. Watched a few episodes of Teachers, watched Doctor Who of course (how good was that? Not over impressed with the way the Doctor cured everyone - that'd never work, a well person touches a sick person's hand and spreads the cure, wtf? - but apart from that, it was *so* good. I like 10. I don't know yet if I like him as much as 9, but I'm sure I will)

Damn, back at work tomorrow. Four days off sure goes fast. When's the next bank holiday?

New Doctor Who!

Saturday, 8 April 2006 19:32
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New Doctor Who. New! New Doctor Who!


This time next week I will be watching new Doctor Who! Just saw an advert while I was eating my tea. I had no idea it was going to be on yet! How did this slip by me? New Doctor Who! Next saturday, quarter past seven!

Aaaaagh! I have to wait a whole week?

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Saturday, 25 June 2005 03:18
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Tomorrow (well, today really) is the first Saturday in a while without Doctor Who on. How depressing. Well, I think I might watch it anyway. I could start from the beginning and watch one a week on Saturdays at seven. Or is that a bit pathetic? Yeah, probably is. Damn I wish there were more episodes. I'm going to go into withdrawal pretty quickly when seven rolls around and I can't get my fix.


Wednesday, 22 June 2005 03:04
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The icon-making obsession is back. Inspired by a certain scene in the last episode of Doctor Who, I've spent the last couple of house making 7 not-so-great slashy icons. I've put them over at [ profile] doctorslashjack, but I'll put them here too, in case anyone's interested and/or I want to find them sometime.
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Sunday, 19 June 2005 01:15
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Okay, how cool was the last Doctor Who?

Cut in case there are spoilers in with the incoherent ramblings )

Roll on Christmas, I can't wait for more!

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Saturday, 18 June 2005 17:48
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Hee! Now I do get to watch Doctor Who. I'm watching it round at my friend's house before we go out. Yay!

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Wednesday, 15 June 2005 20:41
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Remind me never to agree to go in town with my sister before she goes to work again. I'm sure they only reason she wanted me to go was so that I could carry stuff home for her. Heavy stuff too. On the plus side though, Father's day pressies and birthday pressies for my mum are now just about sorted. I want to get something else for my mum too though, so I need to think of that. I got her a book about Bono (from U2 if you don't know). Other stuff...dunno. She doesn't really do much except chat online, it's very difficult to think of stuff to get her.

And then on the bus on the way back, I was sitting, surrounded by thousands of heavy bags (thanks Jennie!) when at a stop half way home, about fifteen old ladies got on. There wasn't room, so I had to stand up. With the thousands of heavy bags and a pretty bad backache. *sigh* Ah well, done now. And while I was in town I heard Michael Jackson played twice. Cool.

I have a problem. I've never read Doctor Who fanfic. Well, I read one at the start of the new series, but it was Doctor/Rose, so I ran screaming. But apart from that I never have. So why am I suddenly finding myself coming up with random ideas for stories? Slash stories. I blame Captain Jack. But I'll forgive him since he's so damn cute (so not the type of character I usually obsess over though - nowhere near geeky enough). I may even write something, but it will depend entirely on how I feel after seeing the last episode.

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Sunday, 12 June 2005 23:32
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So, what did I do today? Watched two random films, watched 2 episodes of Futurama, watched yesterday's Doctor Who again with Jennie and my dad, watched House.

It's not as bad as it sounds. I did most of this TV watching while doing other stuff. Boring stuff like ironing. You can't do that without watching TV. And I ironed for 3 hours. How sad is that? Well, at least it's done now...

Tomorrow though, I have plans. I'm going to write. All day. Most of the day, anyway. I'm going to start a new Traders story, then maybe work on some other stuff that I've not finished. And catch up on my fanfic reading too. Yeah, so most people would say it's not the most exciting plan, but at least it's not just watching TV. And on the night I'm off to the pictures. So yay, leaving the house, always a good sign.

And I'm going to do some job hunting too. Because it's just so much fun.

Bad Wolf

Saturday, 11 June 2005 21:56
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Cut for some Doctor Who rambling in case someone didn't see it. Even though I don't really give anything away )

Y'know, I like captain Jack. He's funny. I didn't think I was going to like him in the first episode he was in, but he by the next one I did, now I think I prefer him to Rose. It's a shame I hate Doctor/anyone because after that ep I'm guessing there'll be a lot of good slash appearing. I may have to read it anyway. Even I have to admit the Doctor looked a bit jealous telling him to stop flirting with everyone!

Damn, I think I'm being corrupted by this new series. No. Must resist any shippy urges. It's just wrong. It's the Doctor!

I wonder if Jack's going to be in the next series. I hope so. With everything that's got to happen in the last episode, it'll be hard to resolve that missing 2 years of his memory thing, and it'd suck to give him an interesting back story then just not bother!

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Saturday, 11 June 2005 17:02
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Try this: Put on some of your favourite music, plug in some in-ear headphones, turn the volume up full, then put the headphones in your mouth. It sounds good. Weird, that. Doesn't sound better than having it at a normal volume and them in your ears, but it's about the same. And it makes you look a bit crazy, which is always fun.

I've got a headache. Not a really bad one but it's not good either, and it's getting worse. I just don't seem to be able to shift it. Stupid orange juice. And yes, I am blaming the OJ instead of the vodka. I'm pretty sure I'm right too.

Anyway, I think I'll watch the ep of Boston Legal I taped last night, then get something to eat and watch Doctor Who. Then I'll maybe rewatch House, maybe Traders, then Shawn of the Dead is on at 10. I like it when everyone is out. I don't need to feel guilty about sitting around watching TV all day. Anyway, I shouldn't feel guilty about it. I have every right to. I've got a headache.


Sunday, 24 April 2005 14:26
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Someone at the BBC is having a *lot* of fun!

As well as Mickey's WhoIsDoctorWho site there is now UNIT's website. You can log in using the 'buffalo' password and fire missiles. Doesn't seem to actually blow anything up though. But they've made up all this random stuff. It's really funny!

Also next week? - Daleks!
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Doctor Who and Navin Chowdhry. So cool! Although no offence to the bloke, it's not his acting that's at fault, but since he's one of the people I have no trouble recognising I can't see him as anyone other than Kurt from Teachers. It was the same in NY-LON. Never mind though, I liked Kurt from Teachers!

Random thoughts on Aliens of London )

That's all. That's the trouble with rambling so long after watching. I forget half of what happened! Ah well, maybe when I watch it again tomorrow with Jennie I'll think of more to say.


Saturday, 16 April 2005 01:59
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I only have 4 more season 2 Due South episodes to watch, I'm going to have to buy the third season pretty soon. I really shouldn't though! Talking of DVDs I need, I also haven't got Red Dwarf series 6, the second Atlantis DVD and any number of other things that I need. And since I've been re-watching Farscape on BBC3 I've re-discovered that obsession and am seriously considering getting all those on DVD too.

I actually planned on it a few years ago, and I got most of the first season and the first one of season 3. But that's it. I need the rest. Especially now they've stopped showing them (finished tonight with Die Me Dichotomy, the episode that turned me from a casual fan into an obsessed, DVD buying nutter!) I should stop spending so much though. I buy way too many DVDs, books and comics. I can't cut back on the comics because I'm hooked on them, but the DVDs...well, I guess I'm hooked on them too. But I could always wait a bit between purchases. I think I'm going to cut back on the spending until I get a job. On the other hand, I decided that a few months ago and just didn't. That doesn't bode well for the future of this plan!

My mum watched Traders with me this evening. I think she's definitely been turned into a fan. But she fell asleep five minutes before the end. I don't know what it is with her and my dad. Both of them seem incapable of watching TV and staying conscious. It's quite annoying. Still, at least she didn't snore. She did say that watching Traders makes her feel dizzy though. I have no idea whether she was exaggerating or not!

And veering off into yet another fandom, looks like it's official, David Tennant will be the 10th Doctor

And I'm off to bed. Which seems weird since it's only 2am, I guess I'm improving! (For now...)

Big bad wolf?

Monday, 11 April 2005 15:57
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What a waste of a day! I got up at 12, watched a random film (Young Einstein - it's pretty funny) and went online. Later, I'm going to watch telly. Who says I don't have an interesting life?!

Went on a few message boards earlier, wondering what other people thought of the new Doctor Who. I hadn't noticed this Big bad wolf thing that everyone keeps mentioning. Apparently it keeps cropping up in every episode. The last one, the maid said it to Rose ("The things you've seen, the darkness. The big bad wolf!"). And next week someone apparently graffitis 'bad wolf' onto the TARDIS. What's with that? There's gotta be something weird going on, looks like they're implying something about the Doctor. This is very interesting. Of course, it could just be done to confuse us!

Another about 2 hours and I can watch Traders (slow download, started about 2am!) and make a start on downloading ep 3 of Doctor Who. I need to make screencaps.

That reminds me. I still need to clear out my My Documents...
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Okay, so why are so many people into this Doctor/Rose thing? Obviously it's *so* never going to happen, so it's all pretty harmless, but people keep bringing it up. And sometimes it seems like the writers are actually trying to encourage it. Ugh.

Random thoughts on The Unquiet Dead )

According to the BBC site, the DVDs are coming out soon (link here). Sounds good, except they're doing 2 releases, right? First, individual releases, one a month, just the episodes and no extras. Then a box set in the Autumn. Fair enough, but come on look at the price. £15.99 for the individual ones (a bit steep, but will have a better price) or £70 for the box set. £70?! That is the most insane thing I ever heard. The Stargate box sets don't cost anywhere near that, and they have twice as many episodes. Well, I'm going to get them of course. The box set probably, might as well get the extras or I'm better off watching my downloads. But I'd better start saving up now.
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Random thoughts on slash and ship in fanfic )

By the way, I don't mean any offence to anyone, and I really hope I didn't cause any!


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