Saturday, 11 February 2012 22:07
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I just love this video because it's so utterly random. Ended up watching it for the first time in years after Danny Smith compelled people to Facebook-like him on imbd, and felt the need to share.

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Thursday, 15 June 2006 10:29
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It occurs to me that staying up online til half three when I have to work at 12 isn't the best of ideas. I mean, normally it'd be fine, but then I couldn't get to sleep becuase the birds outside were so insanely loud. I wonder why they do that?

There are two new City Drive songs on their Purevolume and the album is out soon. Yay!

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Tuesday, 7 March 2006 07:41
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You can sing. You can act. You can play the piano

without using your hands. Is there anything

you can't do? When you're not rocking out...

oh who am I kidding, you are never NOT

rocking out! Ladies love you for your unique

style and sexy teeth!

Which Member of The City Drive are you?
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Saturday, 4 March 2006 01:50
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I wish I lived in LA. Then I could go and see The City Drive all the time...

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Wednesday, 1 March 2006 14:27
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I took the afternoon off school too sort out all this job stuff, and I now know what's going on. I have training all this week, then I start the job properly on Monday. And then I will be earning money, which will finally allow me to but the things that I need, like a decent computer, driving lessons and a shiny electric guitar. Either that or I'll get fired, either way...

I've started another blog over at Myspace The purpose of this is that if anyone who I don't want reading this but know I have a blog ask, I can direct them there and continue with the fangirling, talking about slash and generally being me-like here without worrying. The Myspace blog has another reason behind it though, I set up the account purely so I could add The City Drive to my friends, so now, when I look at my profile, it says 'Catherine's friends' and underneath says The City Drive. And sometimes the little 'online now' icon is flashing, which gives me a little inner-squee when I think of Danny (or Scott or Marc, but in my fantasy world, it's usually Danny!) sitting at the computer, logged into the same site as me. Sad, but true.

My Myspace profile
The City Drive's Myspace page - Go and listen, now!


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