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Saturday, 27 November 2010 01:24
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So, Bleach is getting interesting. I know a lot of it is still scene setting, but I'm loving the scene. I just want more!

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Saturday, 13 November 2010 15:58
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I had forgotten how good Teachers was. Well, the first three seasons, anyway.

[ profile] freaky_science came round last night for a booze, pizza and DVD night. We watched the new Lost Boys movie, the first four episodes of Bleach and then episode 2 of the Walking Dead. During which, I learned that he had never seen Teachers (the link here being Andrew Lincoln) so I insisted he watch it.

But seriously, I had forgotten how funny it is, and how much I love Kurt and Brian. We watched it til around 4am, by which time I was almost half asleep. But now I really wan to watch all the other ones too. Well, except for season 4, obviously.

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Friday, 29 October 2010 21:01
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17 months. A lot can happen in 17 months. Ichigo appears to have spent the time being depressed, pretending not to be, and playing video games. But what have the others been up to? I'd love to read fic. I may have to write some, though it would of course be all about Ishida...

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Sunday, 24 October 2010 19:00
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I've finished reading Bleach. I've finished watching Bleach. A weekend well wasted, I think.

I did miss out all the filler stuff in the anime though, I figured I'd go back and read that once I had finished the real story. So I guess I'll do that now, though I'm far from enthusiastic judging by what I saw of the arc with the annoying princess before I decided to skip ahead. But I'm going to have to wait for each new episode and chapter now, so I might as well see if it improves. On the positive side, they just cut from the real story and went and said that they were taking a break, unlike in the Bount arc where they tried to fit it into the real story, resulting in those three irritating mod souls running around in the real story. I hope they don't come back into it when the anime catches up with what's just happened.

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Title: Loss
Author: [ profile] prepare4trouble
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo, Ishida. (But no pairing)
Rating: PG
Spoilers : Right up to 423
Summary: Post 423. Ishida tries to make Ichigo feel better. He fails.
Authors Note: I'm pretty much brand new to this fandom. I haven't even read all the manga, but my bad habit of skipping to the end meant I saw the latest happenings and this idea just wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't intend to write fic until I knew the whole story to date and had a better handle on the characters, but hopefully I did okay. Reviews and con-crit very welcome.

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Sunday, 10 October 2010 23:52
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I'm watching Bleach right now, and Ichigo's lounging around in his room again, and I can't help but notice that his bedcovers look a lot like a Quincy cross. Sort of inverte, white on blue rather than blue on white, but still similar enough for me to notice. Now, I'm sure they were the same back in season 1, but since I've lent the DVDs out and can't check, I prefer to imagine a scenario in which Ishida used his awesome sewing skills to make them for him. Why? Well, it's funny, and also I've been reading a few fics on [ profile] ishi_ichi and I'm enjoying it. If I don't find one to that effect, I might write my own.

I really need to make that Bleach icon...


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