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 Last week was busy.  It always is they few days after a bank holiday, but this seems to have gone on all week.  That coupled with the fact that we were running the branch on two for two days, once with me in charge, made for stress.  On the plus side, I had my half yearly appraisal and I appear to be doing better than I thought.  On the negative side, I'm running the branch for three days next week, and one of those days I;ll only have one other member of staff again.  But then I have a day off, before being moved to the far quieter branch of Whitefriargate from Friday.  That is a bit of a mixed blessing really.  On the one hand, there will be far less stress, but on the other it is incredibly quiet there, quiet enough that I could probably sit and read a book and nobody would notice.  It's also in town, which is good for travel when the weather is okay, but if it is raining parking is super expensive and the bus station is miles away.  Never mind though, I'm sure I'll work something out.

I've been thinking about my hair recently.  A few months ago, I stopped having it cut.  I were it really short normally, a little longer at the front with bangs that sweep in from one side, but really short at the back, and shaved at the neckline.  But I had an appointment for a cut back in January, and I had to cancel it because I had been asked to work.  Then I just never bothered making it again.  Four months later, I just have this mess, still way too short to tie back, but too long to look neat.  It doesn't help that it's curly, which you don;t even notice when it's short but now it has a bit of length, I pump of mouse and drying it with a diffuser result in something that looks like a 1980s perm.  I know this because I tried it for a laugh yesterday.  So my dilemma is this: do I make an appointment and have it cut again, or do I continue to grow it and see what happens?  I would like to try something new, but I'm getting a little sick of looking like a mess all this time.  I've been thinking for a month or so that any day now it'll reach a length that is more manageable, but it keeps not doing.  What normally happens is you make an appointment to get it cut then the next day you realize it looks not too bad now.  Maybe I should book in so that that happens!

I got my Esther the Wonder Pig book on Friday (along with my helmet cam, but I don't have a memory card for that yet) so I've been reading that over the weekend.  I love Esther.  She's a pig that was adopted by a couple in Canada a few years ago, they thought she was a mini pig, but she turned out to be a full sized commercial pig, who just kept growing to around 650lbs.  She is enormous, but she lives in the house with them and plays with the dogs and is just one of the family.  It's amazing.  They changed their whole lives because of there, moved out of the city to the countryside, went vegan, opened an animal sanctuary, all because they had this pig and the couldn't bear to give her up.  The book is about their whole journey, and although I know it because I've followed Esther on Facebook for a year or so, I'm really enjoying it.

I've also started rewatching Lillyhammer on Netflix, it's been a while since I've seen it, it;s just as good as I remember,

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Monday, 6 July 2015 23:51
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Oooh, FX just ran an ad for Agent Carter. It's starting on Sunday..

In other news, Wayward Pines (which I was watching at the time) has taken a huge leap into very interesting. I've checked and Audible have the whole series, I have spare credits. I might.

I hope Agent Carter's good. I've not seen much about it online, very few crossovers with other MCU stuff. What does that mean as regards how much people tend to like it??

12 Monkeys

Monday, 6 April 2015 02:30
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I was ready for bed at 10pm. But I decided to write for a bit, and the my brother got home and for a convoluted reason involving the new series based on it and a conversation about favourite films, I ended up watching 12 Monkeys with him.

So, it's one of my favorite films. Always has been, since I first saw it when I was about 17. The new series based on the film is spectacularly unimpressive and I don't care for the new craze of making films into series, because they are always using good films that don't need to be redone. But although its one of my favourites, I hadn't seen it in years. I thought maybe my memory of it had been mixed up with other stuff and its not that good. Wrong. Definitely still one of my absolute favourites. That, Gattaca, Nothing and (of course) the Lost Boys. The series id pants. The've completely messed it up. In the film you don't really know until the very end what is real and whether them nain character is just crazy. He doesn't know. In the series, that is all gone. He proved instantly to Dr Reily that he is from the future in a really lame way, and then she just believes him and starts trying to convince everyone else after he disappears. Lame.

So yeah, if you're thinking of watching the 12 Monkeys series, don'. Just watch the film instead. It looks pretty dated now, but get over that and it's an awesome story. Watch it right now.
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Maybe I shouldn't have watched the first episodes of Lilyhammer and Fugget About It on the same day, because as much as I adore Danny Smith, and as much as I wanted to be as excited about his new show as he is, it's far inferior to it's oddly similar themed counterpart. Sorry, Danny. I'm going to keep watching Fugget About It though. It;s not bad, but it would have been better if I hadn't watched Lilyhammer. The thing is, they are both about American Mob guys from New York who testify against their Mob friends and end up in witness protection. One in Regina, Saskatchewan (Fugget About It) the other in Lillehammer, Norway (Lilyhammer, obviously). Seriously, now did that happen, two shows coming out in the same year like that?

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Friday, 27 January 2012 21:39
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I'm definitely going to write about Edgar Frog ice skating. I've decided. Not sure why he's doing it yet, or what's going to happen, but I suspect Sam will have something to do with it...

Right now I'm working on the next chapter of No Return. I really don't like the title of that any more, but I suppose it's too late to change it. It's incredibly hard to write while balancing my computer on the arm of the settee so I don't disturb my dog, who is all snuggled in and comfy looking, though, so I might give up and watch TV. I have eight episodes of American Horror story and the new Skins to watch. And that new Noel Fielding program. And a bunch of other stuff too. But tomorrow, I'm making a start on that ice skating fic!
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I've just pre-ordered myself the first seasons of Dan For Mayor and Hiccups from

This goes directly against my new years resolution to save money, but I really really wanted them! The new seasons should be starting pretty soon, which is something to look forward to. Watching those two shows, it's almost like having Corner Gas back. Which reminds me, I should re-watch Corner Gas.

I'll hold off on ordering the 4th season of Little Mosque on the Prairie because it's not out til the 25th, that way it doesn't feel like I'm spending too much at once.

The new season of Little Mosque has started, I got the first episode last week, but I've only just watched it. It was totally annoying, actually. One of those episodes where everyone knows somethings going to happen and then things keep getting in the way. But it got there in the end. I think I might have missed some of the last season though, because I don't remember anything about Amaar telling Reyaan he loved her. But anyway, he proposed, and now hopefully the series can start to move on a bit. But this better not ruin the show.

I'm not sure what to make of it actually. Because there has already been a season that was all about the run up to Reyaan's wedding with JJ, so I'm interested what they're going to do to make this different.

Why do none of these Canadian comedy shows air over here, anyway? It's totally annoying that no one I know watches them.

Yay! Dan for Mayor DVD!

I am still disappointed by Amazon's supposed international shipping times. I mean, is there really any shipping option that could take up to 40 weeks? You could walk and swim here with the DVD quicker. I paid the extra couple of dollars for the faster one, that takes up to 7 weeks. It won't really take that long, it never has before. Probably doesn't really take 40 weeks either, so wtf?
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Sanctuary's back!

I noticed the first episode on Anytime, luckily, because otherwise I'd have missed it. Then yesterday I watched the first two together.

Recently I'm not getting as excited about my shows. Most of them just aren't as obsess-worthy as they used to be, I mean, the Stargate franchise had become Stargate Universe, which is frankly as meh as a series can be while still being sci-fi. Smallville is really starting to wind down despite the fact that they continue to churn out season after season. Chuck is okay, as ever, but the current season of that seems to be lacking something too. Or possible it's gained something, in the form of the relationship between Chuck and Sarah, that makes it less enjoyable. The same goes for House, though to a lesser extent. I've never been a 'Huddy' fan, and I'm just watching each episode thinking "break up, break up, break up!" I mean, you know they're going to, right. Right?!

But Sanctuary never fails to deliver. It's good to know that I can still rely on it to be exactly what it has always been. I just wish Tesla had been in it, that would've made it perfect. I assume (hope) he'll show up sometime during this season. Until then, I'll just enjoy.

And eventually I'm hoping the next season of Caprica will turn up over here. That's the other one that I'm really looking forward to. And Supernatural, though I honestly can't think what they're going to do this season (see how I'm being good and not reading spoilers or heading to projectfreetv to watch?) But really, I need to get into some new shows, or else I'm going to start watching Masterchef or something equally horrific. Are there any good ones out there that I've been missing? Any suggestions? I can watch stuff online if it doesn't show in the UK. I mean, I've watched the entire series of Bleach that way.

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Sunday, 4 January 2009 01:35
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It's been a good day today. I mean, I didn't get any writing done at all, due mostly to my getting up two hours later than planned, but had fun. One of my friends came round, we made pizza so that I could show her how to do it from scratch, making the bread and everything, and then we watched the Dead Man on Campus DVD that Jennie got me for my birthday.

We also watched Demons, that new program with Gene Hunt Philip Glenister. Not sure about that one. Going in, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, knowing only what I had seen on the adverts. The fact that it was on at 7.20 didn't bode well though. And I'd heard Gene Hunt's American accent in the ad and thought "wft, why?" But it wasn't that bad (the show, not the accent).

Don't get me wrong, it's not like it isn't a rehash of every similar program ever made before it, but it's done at least in a halfway decent way. The American accent grated on me a bit though. That's got to be for one of two reasons, either it wasn't very good (and I'm no expert, but it didn't sound that great to me) or it just sounded odd when I've got so used to the other one.

Now, I'm in no fit state to go into a deep and rambling analysis of the episode, especially as I'm not even sure of how much I like it, but I will say this: I enjoyed it enough to be planning on watching the next episode, and that is much more than I was able to say after watching the first episode of that other ITV supernatural-y show (that for some reason I can't remember the name of). This has interesting characters, a fairly cool (albeit many times recycled) plot and just the right amount of humour. It's just a shame that I've seen it all before.
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I've just pre-ordered Corner gas season 5. It's very exciting, I've not seen most of this season.

I wonder when season 2 of Little Mosque on the Prairie comes out? Last one came out in November, I think. It's very annoying that the 3rd season is starting before the 2nd DVD is out.

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Saturday, 13 May 2006 10:40
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I didn't know The Girl From Tomorrow was out on DVD. I'm so buying it.

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Saturday, 15 April 2006 02:01
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Well, I can now report that Alien Autopsy is just as good the second time you see it.

Went in town after the pictures for a wander around, and ended up buying that Vic and Bob show Catterick. I've bought so many DVDs and books in the last few days though, it's really not good, I'm spending all my money! Could have been worse though, I was considering buying Atlantis season one. And House season one. Resisted though, for now. I'm hoping they'll both be reduced sooner or later, because over £40 each seems a bit much. Not that I don't regularly spend that much on DVDs. I'll give them til sometime in the summer to be reduced, then give up and get them. Along with the extensive list of other things I want, including Monk season 3, Quantum Leap, Sliders, the CSI sets I haven't got yet, and the soon to be released first seasons of Boston Legal and Slings and Arrows. Maybe I should forget this whole buying a new computer idea and concentrate on DVDs instead!

17 1/4 hours to new Doctor Who. I really really hope it's good!


Thursday, 5 May 2005 01:14
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I've been so good with not buying stuff recently. Mostly, it's true, this is because I have been to depressed to drag myself in town and when I did go, I just went to the job centre or wherever I needed to be and then came straight home. But today I was feeling all happy for no apparent reason. So I went for a wonder around, and found the Back To The Future trilogy for £17. So I had to get it. Then I wondered some more, got me a Ghostbusters poster (Yay! Been after one for ages!) and another website design book. I don't really need most of the stuff in it, but it had a section on improving the layout of sites, making them not look awful. And that's my main problem, I think. So I got it. But it's not like I've been spending that much all the time, this is the first time in a while. And it was only about £30. Oddly though, I completely forgot to go to the comic shop!

Hmm, election tomorrow. Oh, and my Spanish class. Must do the pointless homework before I go.

Old files!

Monday, 11 April 2005 01:59
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Completely bored this evening, I found myself looking through all the old files on my computer that I haven't opened for years. I have a surprisingly large collection of Pokemon, Real Ghostbusters and Randall and Hopkirk screencaps that I had completely forgotten about, MP3s I haven't listened to in years, old scanned magazine interviews with Reeves and Mortimer and fanfic I don't remember writing.

It's the weirdest thing. I mean, I remembered it once I rwad through it, but this morning I had no idea that I had written Lost Boys fanfic, and I had forgotten about the two half finished Red Dwarf fics, the (very bizzare) Highlander/Futurama crossover I attempted and a Farscape fic that appears to be finished. I didn't know I wrote a farscape fic! But there it is. File created 08 December 2001, 01:04:09, modified 08 December 2001, 22:17:52. It's not very good. It's Stark rambling on to Zhaan after she dies. I have no idea what I was thinking really. Ah well!

I noticed that the computer (not mine, the one we share) is nearly completely full. The C drive has 3.63 GB left. So I checket around to see what's using all the space (like I said, I was bored). I couldn't find it, it's probably everything together. But I guess sooner or lated my mum's going to notice the same thing and she'll have a look around herself. When she does, the first place she's going to look is my documents. So I checked there, and found that my files are taking up 8.36 GB! To put that in perspective, my dad uses 246 MB, my mum uses 128 MB, Jennie uses 109 MB, Lee 40.9 MB and Matthew 1.93 MB (but he moved out and took his files with him) So...ooops. I guess I'm in trouble if my mum notices that! I'm going to have to spend most of tomorrow backing up my stuff onto CDs and transfering it to my computer. Then deleting it from this before someone notices! I have been downlaoding a lot of stuff recently!

I think I might go to bed soon, anyway. It'll make a nice change to be asleep before 5am.


Wednesday, 23 March 2005 15:30
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Signing on day. The bloke in the job centre said I didn't get any money last week, which is odd, because I never noticed(!) Still, he tells me I'll get it, so that's good.

I just got back from wondering around town. There are so many DVDs I want at the moment! I was just going in and out of various shops thinking "Want that, want that, want that..." I decided not to get anything though, since it would cost money. But then I remembered that I still had the £15 Smiths gift voucher my aunt got me for my birthday, so I decided to use it and got Farscape the Peacekeeper Wars :-D (Which, okay cost £21, but that meant I only had to pay £6 of real money) I saw it on Sky a bit ago, but being an idiot, I didn't tape it. Well, now I'm glad I didn't, because I probably wouldn't have got the DVD if I had!

Now I’m going to go and watch it!
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Treed Murray is a good film! It's really not the kind of film I would normally go for. I usually wouldn't have even rented it, let alone bought it. Then again, I rarely buy things without having seen them first. The only other time I ever did was Nothing, which I'm very glad I did. I'm also seriously considering buying the DVD box set of Traders series 1, but maybe that would be a stupid idea. Obsessions have a bad effect on my bank account, and although I rarely regret buying things, I do get a lot of grief from my family because of it.
Today for example, my sister comes into the room and goes "You *bought* that Get Down film?!"
"Yes," I say.
"Well, why?!"
I sigh and roll my eyes. Because I can't help it. Because when an obsession takes over, I am no longer in control of my actions. Because I am weird. I look her in the eye, something I really don't like doing, but I know it can make a statement more effective, "Because I wanted to."
She left it at that. But she sid make a weird snorting noise, which I know from experience means she's now going to tell everyone about it. And this was only a DVD I bought in a shop. I think they think it's worse when I start ordering stuff from Canada. Hmm, okay, maybe I should take that as a sign that I totally *should* do it. After all, why should I let a bunch of NTs dictate to me what I should do. I don't mock Jennie for buying so many clothes and shoes, or my mum for the same. If I was spending half as much on clothes as they do, my mum would probably be thrilled! Well, I'm not, so the way I see it, I should be able to buy other things. Things that bring me enjoyment. Probably more enjoyment than their wardrobes bring them, anyway.

Anyway, I find myself with a sudden, inexplicable and very urgent need to watch Star Trek TOS. So I'm going to fish out my videos and watch a few eps. I wonder how my mum would react if I bought the Star Trek DVDs? I wonder why I care. I'm 23, for smeg’s sake. I should be able to do what I want...

There are so many DVDs I want though, Star Trek, Forever Knight (okay, already ordered them), Traders, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis (definitely getting them), Due South, The Invisible Man... I worked out the other night that if I bought all the DVDs I wanted, it'd cost me nearly £500! And that's using the cheapest prices I could find. So, just for the record, I won't be doing *that* any time soon!

31 hours to Hot Zone...
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I know it's been said before, but I don't like mondays. It's the day before Tuesday, which means the new SGA (and SG-1) are so close, but still really far away. It's kinda like waiting in a long queue that goes around a corner. Eventually you reach the corner, which it good becuase you are closer to the thing you're waiting for, but now you can see it, and also see how far away it is. Does that make any sense? No? Good.

Watched The 4400 last night. It was good. And an unexpected bonus - it had the song from Kingdom Hospital on it. I like that song. I never realised while I was watching KH. Talking of KH, I might get the DVDs.

Just under 32 hours to the next SGA ep...
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It's been a while since I updated. I've not been busy or anything, no job as yes, I've just been sitting around mostly. The parents went on holiday last weekend, then this weekend they both went away again, but separately. My mum was actually only home one day this week, so the house has been a fairly nag free zone the past few days.
The other day me and my sister spend hours on an 80s cartoon site ( looking up shows we used to watch and listening to the theme tunes. Then the other day I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the new series, cus the old one was called Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles here, which makes it easier to differentiate. I was so sure it was going to be awful, after all it's hard for a new show to live up to the standard of an old one, the memories of which have been clouded by nostalgia. But it was really good. Maybe even better than the original, I watched a tape of that the other day, and okay it was cool, but I enjoyed the new series better. I think cartoons are written differently now, so they apeal to more people. Anyway, I tried to get my siser to watch it but she refused, then yesterday I finally got her to agree, and taped it (it was on before either of us was willing to get up) and we watched it this afternoon. My sister liked it. I was actually surprised. She had seemed so sure before tat she wouldn't like it, insisting that I turn it off when I switched the telly on in the dining room when she was on the compputer, I was sure that even if she liked it she's pretend she didn't. Anyway, she liked it, which is really cool. Maybe I'll even get her to watch it with me more often. It's on every day, but that might be pushing it a bit. Now all I've got to do is win over my sister's boyfriend, who insists he hates it, because if he won't watch it, she won't watch it when he's here (which is pretty much always).
So anyway, I spent the last three hours reading TMNT fan fic, lots of it is pretty cool. I might have a go at writing one myself, but I wouldn't hold your breath. My Ghostbusters ones that I stared still aren't finished. I'm going to take them up again sometime.
These past few days, what with the parents being away, I've been on the computer at night, which makes a change (ususally my mum's on till who knows when and I don't get chance) So I've been getting a bit carried away. I've actually gone to bed after the sun started coming up 5 times in the last less than 2 months, and since it's gone 3am now, I'll probably do the same today. I've been getting into bad habbits what with not having to get up for RGB any more. In the middle of next week they should start showing ones I've not got taped yet though, so I'll have to be up before 10. It used to be on at half 8, but they moved it.
Anyway, I'm sure no one is interested in anything I'm rambling about here, I'm even boring myself. I'm practically falling asleep at the keybord and I'm not going to bother spell checking even though I know I've made loads of spelling mistakes and typos. I don't have the energy, sorry.
By the way, just out of interest, does anyone read the stuff that I write? I'd be really surprised, but I'd like to know if someone did. And why they do it, because I know I'm not that interesting! let me know it you read, please? I'm just interested to know.

Anyway, that'll do for now. Maybe I'll get to bed before the dawn chorus starts tonight.
Till next time

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I've been fighting it for days, but I'm finally going to have to admit it, I've been sucked back into the Ghostbusters fandom. I'm trying to do my work, really, I am. I've got to write another 2000 words on my dissertation and revise for my Transformations exam, my Dutch exam and prepare for my German oral. And I have been, honest. The thing it, I've been taking a break every hour or so to read Ghostbusters fan fic, and all the rest of the time I'm thinking about Ghostbusters. It's mad, I know. I mean, how does that make any sense, a 22 year old obsessing over a program she used to watch when she was 10. Well, not just the program, there's also the film, which by the way I watched last night, and forced my dad and sister to watch too. I'll have to watch the second one now.
I've also printed off's epguides to RGB and EGB and stuck them on the inside of my wardrobe door so I can cross off the eps as I tape them. I thought I had most EGB episodes, but apparently there’s a load I don't. Fox kids are showing RGB every morning, so I've been getting up to watch it, which at least means I get out of bed and manage to get a bit more work done. Even if I am humming that damn tune the whole time! Ah well, I love it! I think it's great when I get this way about something, I just wish I could think about other stuff for a few hours a day so I could concentrate better on my dissertation.


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