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Saturday, 4 February 2012 20:32
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I'd forgotten (I can't belive what an idiot I am!) that I have two copies of the Thirst. Long story involving Amazon's long standing policy of sucking meaning I wound up buying it twice and then couldn't be arsed sending one back. So although my friend has all three of my Lost Boys DVDs, I actually have a backup for two of them. I have the original twice because I couldn't resist getting myself the special edition when it came out. So I can make screencaps of both those.

That means that I've had a busy day making icons and oh so wrong photomanips on Paintshop Pro. Really, it's just a way of procrastinating and not writing my fic. Which is bad of me, but I will get it done tomorrow. Hopefully. I may even post a chapter, but no guarantees.

In the meantime, I'm having fun making icons. Sooner or later, I'll probably post them all for people to snag if they want them, as there are too many for one person to use. But if anyone has any requests, lemme know and I'll try to make it for you. Post a photo to use and a description of what you want, or if you don't have a photo, describe and I may be able to screencap it, as long as it's not from the Tribe because I don't have that disk at the moment. Which is annoying, because I want to screencap the alternate ending stuff.

I think I'm going to bed now. Here's hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.

Also, while capping LB3, I've had chance to re-watch, which I think has helped with the whole stupid can't-write-anything-good-for-the-Enemy problem. So yay.
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I have found my Paintshop Pro disk! Finally. It wasn't even that lost, it was just on my desk, made invisible by the mess.

Apparently, Windows7 says you're an administrator when you're not. The primary user is just a normal user with some administrator privilidges, and although I'm allowed to install every thing else, Paintshop Pro isn't allowed (wtf?) so I then ad to spend about half an hour finding out how to log in as the real administrator, which involved all kinds of pointless effort. And then VLC was refusing to play, forcing me to make screencaps through Windows Media player, which, to my amazement, is no longer a major pain in the arse. So that's good.

So anyway, I'm finally able to make icons again. Yay! I made a couple, but I'll probably make a bunch more later when I've (hopefully!) done some writing.

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Monday, 1 December 2008 20:14
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And now here I am posting from my Russian class. It's the break though, so it's okay! Also, the university has an unlocked wireless network, which is awesome, because it goes faster that way.

At work

Monday, 1 December 2008 13:09
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Greetings from. My place of employment. Yes, now I can access the Internet with my phone, you'll probably have to suffer millions of random updates from various places until I get used to it! Sorry about that, but I can't help myself! So here I am on my lunch break at work. It's a bit of a busy day, so the break is very appreciated. Being the first of December, we've put up the Christmas tree, I decorated it, and I think it looks pretty awesome, despite one of my colleagues putting it down. She says it's tacky and she's surprised we don't have a professional do it, but that I've done the best I could with the materials available. Humph. Looks as good as our tree at home usually does, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Luckily, I think she's (mostly) joking, so I'll let her off! Plus, to be fair, she's not exactly wrong! But hey, I had fun and I reckon it looks alright.

It's ridiculously cold today, and for some reason the radiator in the break room isn't working, so it's freezing in here. I'm huddled over a little electric heater, shivering! Anyway, not long left on my break now, so I reckon I'll check my e-mail and read some fanfic (cus I I can) and then get back to work.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008 16:08
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I've got an iPhone, just bought it today, so I'm using it to write this blog, despite being at home and sitting next to my laptop. Just cus I can. What? It's exciting, i've never had a phone I can use online before!

Def Leppard Picspam!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008 17:44
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I finally got around to uploading my pictures from the show. Some of them are really good, which makes a huge change form normal since I'm usually behind the tallest guy there and he's decided to wear a hat. Not this time though. Yay!

So, pictures!

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008 23:15
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So, the Def Leppard show was amazing. We were right at the front. The front row! The view was incredible.

Right now I'm pretty exhausted, so there is a danger of this pose becoming one long, run on paragraph punctuated with random squeeing and exclamation marks, but I'll try not to!
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I passed my driving theory test! 35/35 on the questions, 61 on the hazard perception. Phew. I was so sure I'd fail the hazard bit.

My dad's put me on the insurance to drive his car. Apparently it didn't cost any more because my brother's already on it. I'm a learner, but apparently he's the risk despite having passed his test because he's a male under 25. Weird.

So we went for a drive around to celebrate. But that car's not as easy to drive as the BSM one. No crashes though(!), and I think I've got the hang of it now. So yay.


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