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Monday, 4 June 2012 11:45
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I've had a great bank holiday so far. My parents went down to visit my grandparents near London, leaving me home with the dog. It's incredibly relaxing to have the house to myself and know that I can do what I want without my mum turning up passing judgement. Living with her is incredibly stressful, and a few days with her gone is like a two week holiday for my mind. So that's good. Milly the dog has been less thrilled about the situation though. She gets depressed when my dad isn't around and has spent most of the weekend laying around snoozing. If it hadn't been raining she would have been at the bottom of the garden staring at the gate waiting for him. I tried to take her for a walk yesterday and she refused. She sat down and wouldn't move. I dragged her partway down the road, but when it became obvious that she wasn't going to relent, I gave up and took her home. It was raining anyway, so I don;t blame her for not wanting to be out I guess. And finally, because it's funny, here's a Youtube video of Darth Vader arguing with a traffic warden about a parking ticket.

Suuure I do

Sunday, 12 June 2011 11:15
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I write like
Isaac Asimov

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

YouTube 1911

Friday, 1 April 2011 18:12
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YouTube April Fools. Very randomly, they are implying that Youtube has been around for 100 years, and to acknowledge that fact, they are playing around with the videos. Most of the videos on the site have a button next to them that says 1911, and pressing it transforms the video into a sepia stained, grainy film with piano music playing in the background. Hours of fun if you've got any videos on there. Well, not hours, but it provides a few minutes of entertainment.
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Wish they did a red bandanna!
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I have found my Paintshop Pro disk! Finally. It wasn't even that lost, it was just on my desk, made invisible by the mess.

Apparently, Windows7 says you're an administrator when you're not. The primary user is just a normal user with some administrator privilidges, and although I'm allowed to install every thing else, Paintshop Pro isn't allowed (wtf?) so I then ad to spend about half an hour finding out how to log in as the real administrator, which involved all kinds of pointless effort. And then VLC was refusing to play, forcing me to make screencaps through Windows Media player, which, to my amazement, is no longer a major pain in the arse. So that's good.

So anyway, I'm finally able to make icons again. Yay! I made a couple, but I'll probably make a bunch more later when I've (hopefully!) done some writing.
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Firstly, thanks very much, Facebook, for filling my f'list with unfiltered spoilers. Not cool at all.

Okay, I love to mess around with reality as much as the next fanfic author, but I think Supernatural is taking it a bit far. It wasn't so bad when Red Dwarf did it, it was a comedy show, and it is a funny idea, but I'm not sure whether this is going to be funny or angsty, and also, wtf?

Synopsis for upcoming episode of Supernatural )

Well, the RPF slashers are going to love it...

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Saturday, 15 January 2011 17:33
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I have found a Tomtom satnav in the glove compartment of my car. It's not mine, mine is a Garmin. My brother uses a Tomtom, but this is different to his. I'm baffled. Someone who's been in the car has obviously left it there, but I don't remember anyone else ever bringing one in, and I can't think of any reason why they would.

Clearly, I have been the victim of a reverse theft. Someone has broken into my car and placed items of value inside. That, or I've just forgotten something. Maybe when my mum or dad borrowed the car once? Either way, I seem to have acquired another satnav.

Any takers?
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I've just pre-ordered myself the first seasons of Dan For Mayor and Hiccups from Amazon.ca.

This goes directly against my new years resolution to save money, but I really really wanted them! The new seasons should be starting pretty soon, which is something to look forward to. Watching those two shows, it's almost like having Corner Gas back. Which reminds me, I should re-watch Corner Gas.

I'll hold off on ordering the 4th season of Little Mosque on the Prairie because it's not out til the 25th, that way it doesn't feel like I'm spending too much at once.

The new season of Little Mosque has started, I got the first episode last week, but I've only just watched it. It was totally annoying, actually. One of those episodes where everyone knows somethings going to happen and then things keep getting in the way. But it got there in the end. I think I might have missed some of the last season though, because I don't remember anything about Amaar telling Reyaan he loved her. But anyway, he proposed, and now hopefully the series can start to move on a bit. But this better not ruin the show.

I'm not sure what to make of it actually. Because there has already been a season that was all about the run up to Reyaan's wedding with JJ, so I'm interested what they're going to do to make this different.

Why do none of these Canadian comedy shows air over here, anyway? It's totally annoying that no one I know watches them.

Yay! Dan for Mayor DVD!

I am still disappointed by Amazon's supposed international shipping times. I mean, is there really any shipping option that could take up to 40 weeks? You could walk and swim here with the DVD quicker. I paid the extra couple of dollars for the faster one, that takes up to 7 weeks. It won't really take that long, it never has before. Probably doesn't really take 40 weeks either, so wtf?
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I might not buy from Amazon again. They do this thing now where the instant you order something, it's too late to change it. Luckily, I hadn't changed my mind or anything, but I just clicked the review recent orders and the thing that I had ordered less than three minutes earlier said that it was being prepared, would ship soon and that it was too late to change the order. I wouldn't mind so much if I believed it was true, but I can almost guarantee that book's not going to be posted for another two or three days. And when it arrives, by their irritating courier company, it'll probably be too big to fit through the door and I'll have to trek all the way to Hessle to pick it up again rather than the Royal Mail depot two minutes from my house.

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010 23:52
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I went to see Back to the Future at the cinema tonight. It's been re-released for the 25th aniversary. I really had to go, I've only ever seen it on TV, I couldn't pass up the chance to watch a classic like that on the big screen. And it was awesome. The trouble is that now I've seen it I want to see the other two at the cinema too.

Went out for tea at Wetherspoons before we went in, browsing the menu I noticed that one of their curries was marked as suitable for vegans, but only if ordered with extra poppadoms. Maybe I'm missing somethng, but I can't see how that would work, how does the addition of poppadoms make a curry vegan?! Luckily for me, I'm a vegi not anvegan, so I had the five bean chilli, and didn't have to add anything to it to make it suitable for me to eat.

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010 23:47
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As I was driving back into Hull this evening after work, the road going from Hedon to Hull was littered with clothes. No word of a lie. There were shirts, t-shirts, underpants, you name it, all just strewn about the road. Looked like a suitcase had fallen out of a topbox and come open. Or, my preferred theory, crazy argument on way back from holiday (or too) led to one party throwing the others' clothes out the window. Whatever it as, it made me laugh out loud while driving.

Anyway, the internet had gone into meltdown (slight exaggeration) over the news that The Legend of Korra has the go-ahead for a 2011 release. It's been buzzing around for a while now, but apparently it's now official. It will be a spinoff of Avatar about the next Avatar after Aang. It's set 70 years after the end of the series, and Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe. Very little info yet, Apparently Korra will already have mastered Water, Earth and Fire, and she's going to learn Air from Aang's son. No mention of whether Aang's son is also Katara's son. I'm hoping no, becuase I really don't get Kataang, but the people who made the show apparently love it, so meh.

I'm wondering. I know with the Avatar being gone for 100 years, things got all messed up, but until Aang the Avatar didn't know they were the Avater until they turned 16 (or was it 18?) and then they went off to master the other elements. If they've gone back to that tradition, does that mean Korra's going to be much older then the characters in the original series? Or will it have changed so the Avatar is told younger, which would be a lot of responsibility to land on a kid's shoulders.

Aang's son is definately going to be an adult by 70 years in the future. Or he became a father really late.

I'm excited, really I am, I'm just very apprehensive. I'm also going to miss all the original characters. Especially Zuko. But it'll be good to find out what;s supposed to have happened after the end of the series, even if it will only be as backstory.

Avatar Wiki, Legend of Korra
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I cried with laughter at this, literally.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009 19:27
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The Michael Jackson memorial is showing on TV. I had to switch it off. They had the casket there, on the stage. They had Michael Jackson's body there. I just wasn't prepared for that, I didn't know they were going to do that. I mean, why? It's like he's there, but he's not there. Dragged out on stage for one last time, laying there dead inside a pretty box.

It's just too horrible to contemplate.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009 13:18
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I hate tractors. Seriously. I mean, sure they're neccesary for farming, but what's with all the driving along the road at 20mph. Where are they all going? And isn't there another way to get there? Like across the fields or something? Because you can't set off an hour early just in case, but if you get stuck behind one (or in my case, three) you're doomed. Today there was only one and I got past it quickly, but on these single carridge roads, you can be trapped there your whole journey. And lucky me, that's the kind of road that goes all the way to Withernsea, where I work, and it goes right through a lot of farms.

Ah well, rant over. But it is very annoying.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008 20:05
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Earthquake. Ha! Still can't quite believe it, how fucking bizarre.

With hindsight, maybe it wasn't such a great idea to stay up afterwards til half 2 last night, cus now I'm really exhausted, but I don't want an early night cus there's so much TV on tonight.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008 01:50
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Woo Hoo! We were really close to the epicentre! We win!
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So, I had just got into bed, turned off the light and was about to go to sleep, when the door or my cupboard started rattling. Like really rattling, not like when a lorry goes past. My room is in the loft and it's kind of unstable, someone slams a door downstairs and the floor shakes a bit. But it's banging, like there's someone in there doing it.

By this point, I'm kinda scared, cus, well, there's someone in my cupboard. They waited til I took my glasses off and turned the light off, there's no way I'm gonna get away!

But then the whole room joins in, the bed is shaking, the whole room is joining in. This is so weird.

So then I got a load of texts about it. People felt it all over the country. How awesome is that?

WGA Strike?

Friday, 2 November 2007 08:16
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Crap, this better get resolved soon. I mean, I'm all in favour of people getting a fair amount of money for their work, but I *need* my shows, y'know?


Thursday, 16 August 2007 00:01
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Sorted. It looks like there *was a problem with the website earlier, and then in my irritation I mistyped my e-mail address while creating the second account so the confirmation e-mail was instead sent to prepare4trouble@yahooo.com. Hee! Ooops. So it was partly Amazon's fault and partly my own. So I've logged into the second account. The DVD is listed in it's order history, and the recommendations based on prior purchases is hilarious, it's pretty much just a big list of everything Paul Gross has ever been in.

The DVD is due to ship tomorrow, and should turn up whenever it turns up. Probably some time next spring if Royal Mail carries on the way they are.

ho hum

Wednesday, 15 August 2007 23:32
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I'm on hold with Amazon.ca, they e-mailed back and told me to call. I bet this is costing a fortune...


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