Tuesday, 10 May 2016 19:45
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I've been pratting about for about an hour now with my Apple ID. I think I have it sorted, but I came so close to throwing my laptop out the window! Well, not really. These things are expensive!

Yesterday, Facebook sent me a notification that someone had tried to log into my account from Ukraine. Now, as I've never been there, I was pretty sure it wasn't me. As a precaution, they had me change my password. All was good. Then, a friend mentioned that they may have gotten the Facebook password via my email (don't know how) and that I should change that password too. Trouble is, I'm one of those idiots that uses the same password for everything, or at least some variation of it - you just can't keep track of which one is which if they are all different. So I though I'd better change everything, starting with Paypal and Apple.

Paypal was no problem. Apple, however, I made the mistake of setting it up so that is someone logs in from a new device, I get a notification to my phone with a verification code, and I have to type the verification code to the new device before it lets me in. Sounds good, right? In theory.

What actually happened was that the instant I turned on my mac, I got notifications from FaceTime, iMessage, iTunes, app store, and probably a bunch of other things. I put in the password, nothing happened on my phone. The next thing popped up and I put the password in that. Then three notifications came through on my phone, all with different codes and I didn't know which one was for which app.

The result was a pretty predictable mess in which the account got locked out. I had to go to a website, which opened a notification on my phone to update the password for the second time, then go back on the mac and do each one slowly, wait for the notification, and then set it up. It seems to have worked now, but my email isn't working on the mac now. So I've been messing about with that, putting the password in again, and stuff. Finally, I deleted the account and set it up again, and it's been sitting there for 10 minutes loading.

So that's been my evening.

Seriously, the sooner we start to use biometrics for everything the better!


Sunday, 13 March 2011 12:22
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The Enemy is so much kicking my ass.

I have pretty much finished the new chapter, I'm hoping to have it up today, after I've checked it through for massive hilarious typos, but for now I'm taking a step back from that and trying to work on the next chapter, and once again it's just not happening. Honestly, it feels like I'm fighting a battle against this story, and I think I'm losing ground at the moment. I know where I want to be in the chapter after next, but I'm trying to get there in this one, and it's not happening. I'm just having the characters meander around in circles not doing much right now. so pretty much all of that needs deleting.

I know I'll get there in the end though, I did with the last one, and the current one, so eventually something decent will begin to take shape.

The sequel to Aftertaste is calling me. It really wants to be worked on...

It occurred to me last night that I'm going away in a week's time. Ten days in Portugal, hopefully getting a bit of sun. I'm taking my iPhone with me, of course, and I will pop online every now and then to keep up to date (roaming internet fees be damned!), and I'm going to find me an internet cafe too, because I need to be connected to the internet in order to breathe, but I'm going to get all behind on everyone's wonderful stories, which is annoying.

I'll be working on mine while I'm away though, so hopefully I'll come back with something to post.
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I have found my Paintshop Pro disk! Finally. It wasn't even that lost, it was just on my desk, made invisible by the mess.

Apparently, Windows7 says you're an administrator when you're not. The primary user is just a normal user with some administrator privilidges, and although I'm allowed to install every thing else, Paintshop Pro isn't allowed (wtf?) so I then ad to spend about half an hour finding out how to log in as the real administrator, which involved all kinds of pointless effort. And then VLC was refusing to play, forcing me to make screencaps through Windows Media player, which, to my amazement, is no longer a major pain in the arse. So that's good.

So anyway, I'm finally able to make icons again. Yay! I made a couple, but I'll probably make a bunch more later when I've (hopefully!) done some writing.


Thursday, 25 November 2010 23:59
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Wow it's cold out. Well, it's not exactly two feet of snow, icicles forming on the end of your nose, water freezing in the pipes cold, but for England, in November? Yeah, chilly.

We had the first snow last night, it stopped fairly quickly but started again in the morning, so when I got up the whole world was dusted in a liberal coating of icing sugar snow, which grew gradually thicker throughout the morning. By 8, when I left, it was pretty thick, but the roads were clear.

Unfortunately, this was not the case on the smaller roads that lead out the the coastal town where I work, and the water turned to sludge which then turned to compacted snow and ice. About half way there I hit a bad patch and skidded. I couldn't get the car right, and it spun out of control from left to right for a while. I know you're supposed to turn the wheel in the direction you're skidding, but it seemed that in the time it took for my brain to work out which way too turn it, the car had already changed direction.

I eventually came to a halt at a ninety degree angle, right across the road. I stopped sliding backwards before I went off the road and landed on the golf course I was passing at the time. Luckily, there were no other cars on that particular piece of road a the time, or I would have hit them, causing all kinds of stress for myself and the other drivers.

I decided that that road was probably not the best one to use, however being half way there I decided to find a way onto the main road without doubling back on myself. And then I got lost. The roads gradually became narrower and narrower, snowier and snowier. The sat nav was unhelpful. So ten minutes later, I doubled back anyway.

I arrived at work 40 minutes late, after having to crawl along the main road, which was also covered in snow. And then on the way back the main road was covered in a sheet of ice. I passed two accidents where the drivers hadn't been as lucky as I had been, and spent almost an hour in a queue of traffic all trying not to slip on the ice rink that the road had become. It was like the night Hull froze over and the traffic was gridlocked, but out in the middle of nowhere so that I didn't have the last resort option of walking home.

Unfun. And scary.
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I might not buy from Amazon again. They do this thing now where the instant you order something, it's too late to change it. Luckily, I hadn't changed my mind or anything, but I just clicked the review recent orders and the thing that I had ordered less than three minutes earlier said that it was being prepared, would ship soon and that it was too late to change the order. I wouldn't mind so much if I believed it was true, but I can almost guarantee that book's not going to be posted for another two or three days. And when it arrives, by their irritating courier company, it'll probably be too big to fit through the door and I'll have to trek all the way to Hessle to pick it up again rather than the Royal Mail depot two minutes from my house.


Sunday, 4 January 2009 15:22
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I've been kicked out of my room. My mum and dad are up there trying to stuff a load of things that were being stored in my brother's old room into the cupboards. Which involves taking a load of other stuff out and getting rid of it. Its going to take ages, and its impossible to get anything written while they're up there. Unfortunately, I also can't go in the living room because Matt is playing on the Wii, which would be just as distracting. So I'm exiled to the uncomfy dining room, with the budgies behind me being loud and the noise of random chaos in the background. And I'm not allowed to light incense down here because apparently it makes my mum sneeze.

I'm never going to get my next chapter finished at this rate.

Hi from Graz

Wednesday, 17 December 2008 22:36
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Crazy trip here. We hit really bad traffic on the way to the airport. I thought for a while that we weren't going to make it there in time for check in. The traffic dissapated eventually though, and we got to the car park with about 40 mins til check on closed. Pleanty of time, right? ngone with any sense will have got there earlier and there shouldn't be a queue for that flight. Wrong. Ryanair have instigated a new method of checking in. You have to check in at a machine and then go to a bag drop to check in your bags. But there you have everyone from every Ryanair flights all queuing up at the same few desks to drop their bags. So we were waiting behing the sensible people who had arived early for a flight that didn't leave for hours. After 20 minutes without moving more than a few inches forward, we asked a member of staff, saying that the gate for out flight closed in less than half an hour. They moved us to the front, thank god, or we'd probably still have been waiting there now.

We then went to security, where there was another massive queue, we waited there around 10 more of our precious 30 mins. When we finally got through, my mums bag beeped. We then had to wait another 10 mins until someone got around to checking it. The checking took ages, according to the ticket, the gate would be closed by now. The securite guy assured us we had until 10 mins before the flight left to get on, swabbed the bag and told us we'd be fine. The swab picked something up. So, according to the security guy, there may havebeen something in the bag that might have been used to make homemade explosives. WTF? It later occured to me that homemade explosives can be made from the most innocent of substances, so it was unlikely to be anything awful. Whateverit was, it was on my mums phone. So so had to answer a. Inch of questions . Had she lent it to anyone? Sent it away for repair? The guy filled out a form, then sent us on our way, promising to radio the desk to ask them to wait. Yes, by that time we were that late. We ran. It's not closeby, Ryanairs area of the airport, it was exhausting, that run. And when we got to the gate, there was nothing there. No members of staff, no passengers, no plane. Panicking now, we were told by someone that everyone had moved two gates gown. We ran some more. Finally making it on board. The security guy, true to his word had radioed through and they were waiting for us. Phew!

Then, to add insult to injury the plane was delayed nearly an hour because of a baggage mix up, caused, no doubt, by the ridiculous situation at check in. Thank you very much Ryanair.

Still, we arived I. Onepeice, and the hotel is very nice. Plus it's wifi network allows me to blog from my room on my phone. Which explains and typos, by the way. So yeah, it's all good now, we're having a good time, I'm sure I'll write something more about it later. Probably with photos. You have been warned!
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Ryanair seriously sucks. I'll explain when I have chance. On the plane right now, delayed on the runway. Sigh.


Monday, 26 November 2007 20:16
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I can't find my copy of The Black Parade anywhere! The case is there, but the disk is gone. Oh this sucks. Thank G-d for my Ipod.


Friday, 23 November 2007 22:41
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Why have further seasons of ReGenesis still not been released on DVD? As far as I can tell, season one is the only one available, and I've already got that. Plus, its only out in England? C'mon Canada, support your TV shows! (So I can buy them from England)


(no subject)

Sunday, 28 October 2007 14:13
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Over a month after it shipped, I still haven't received my copy of A Dog's Breakfast. So I e-mailed Amazon to see what ws going on. They just wrote back saying it seems to have been lost in transit. So they're sending me another one, which should get here by about half way through November. Sigh. Still, at least they're not saying tough luck or anything.


Thursday, 16 August 2007 00:01
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Sorted. It looks like there *was a problem with the website earlier, and then in my irritation I mistyped my e-mail address while creating the second account so the confirmation e-mail was instead sent to Hee! Ooops. So it was partly Amazon's fault and partly my own. So I've logged into the second account. The DVD is listed in it's order history, and the recommendations based on prior purchases is hilarious, it's pretty much just a big list of everything Paul Gross has ever been in.

The DVD is due to ship tomorrow, and should turn up whenever it turns up. Probably some time next spring if Royal Mail carries on the way they are.

ho hum

Wednesday, 15 August 2007 23:32
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I'm on hold with, they e-mailed back and told me to call. I bet this is costing a fortune...

Amazon chaos

Wednesday, 15 August 2007 18:49
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When I went to order my DVD from, it couldn't log me in. So I tried a couple of my passwords in case I was using the same one. Still nothing. So I clicked the "Forgotten your password" thing. I put in my e-mail address and it still couldn't find me. Weird. I thought maybe the account had been closed, like because I hadn't used it in a while or something, so I went to open it again, basically clicked on open a new account and put in all the same details, same e-mail address, same password, everything. Then I ordered my DVD. Everything went fine, exactly as normal.

Then I went back a few hours later because I hadn't got my confirmation e-mail, and logged in again. It logged me into my old account, with all my order history intact, and the Slings and Arrows DVD not included in it. So I have no idea now what is going on. I rang my bank, and the order was accepted and they are due to pay out the money, so I e-mailed Amazon and asked them what is going on, but I haven't got a response yet. They say it takes up to 24 hours.

Being as paranoid as I am, I automatically thought someone must have hacked the site and stolen my details, so I asked the bank but no onther transactions have taken place since. Just in case that's because someone decided to take a few days to browse and choose something nice and expensive to buy, I transferred most of the money out of that account and into one i have with another bank. I'm sure it's just a glitch on the site, but it's very annoying, because i want my DVD, and now I don't know what's going on with it. So in order to cheer myself up from this, I think I'll watch my episodes that I have downloaded.


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