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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 00:30
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I'm officially hooked on Game of Thrones.

I'm considering giving the books a try, but I have been reliably informed that they are difficult, confusing and need more re-reads than the Wheel of Time. But I do need something new to read, so it might be worth a go, especially since unless the story is drastically different, having seen the show should help me out.

Typically, as it had now been cancelled, I'm really starting to like Stargate Universe. I've just seen the McKay episode, and obviously that was bound to endear it to me, anything with David Hewlett in automatically becomes awesome, but the stories are becoming much more engaging and much more human, and they even put in a bit of humour in the previous episode. Not so much in the McKay episode, oddly, could have done with a few more laughs, but they were in there.

While on the subject of cancelled shows, I've just seen an advert for the new episodes of Caprica. That's a series that should never have been cancelled, it was fascinating from the start and okay it was very different from Battlestar Galactica, but it was awesome in a totally different. I'm looking forward to the new episodes, but it's going to be bittersweet, knowing that's it.
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How come I appear to be the last person in the universe to know that a third season of Being Human is starting soon? That's two people today who have mentioned it to me. Where do they get their information from? And more importantly, WHEN is it starting? The BBC's official site is being secretive about it. Soon, apparently. But when? Soon like tomorrow? Or in two months?

What else is starting soon? Glee, on the 10th apparently. And a while ago I was irritated to learn that season 2 of Caprica wouldn't be making an appearance in the UK until early 2011, which is now.

We should get the second half of the current season of Stargate Universe soon-ish, but that actually hasn't started in the US yet. That's a series that has improved drastically this season, but it still doesn't convince me that it's a worthy successor to the other series. It has absolutely no humour in it, and a Stargate series should have humour. Every time things seem to be going well, they kill someone off and make everyone depressed again. But it's infinitely better than it was and I no longer resent the 42 minutes a week I spend watching it. Which is why it's totally typical that they've now decided to cancel it. I do miss Atlantis though still. I miss Rodney McKay. I heard a rumour he's going to be in one of the new episodes.

Talking of, I recently googled David Hewlett, just because I was bored, and I found out that he was in Splice. That's a film I kind of wanted to see. That is, it looks awful, but I knew it was directed by Vincenzo Natali, so I thought it was worth a look. Knowing that, I should have known David Hewlett would be in it really, since he's in pretty much everything Vincenzo Natali has ever done. I doubt it's a large part though. Maybe I'll LoveFilm it rather than just buying the DVD without knowing what to expect. Unless it's like really cheap or something.

So, what other new series do I have to look forward to in 2011? I really need to get into some new shows, mine all seem to by dying out...

I suppose the new series of Dan For Mayor and Hiccups will be along shortly. Season 1 of DfM comes out on DVD on the 18th. I'm SO getting that. And Hiccups too, on the 11th.

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Thursday, 21 August 2008 23:28
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Stargate Atlantis has been canceled?
Oh, this really sucks.


Sunday, 27 May 2007 20:20
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I'm so getting withdrawal symptoms over Supernatural! I need new episodes! I'm so glad it's on tonight, even if I have already seen it, it might take the edge off a little. But until September I'm going to have to rely on fanfic and the comic, and I wasn't over impressed with the comic since I don't really like John.

So, withdrawal hitting me hard, I started looking to my other favourite program, Atlantis. I mean, I saw the season 3 finale ages ago, it's got to be nearly time for season four, right? Nope. In fact season 3 hasn't even finished showing in the US yet, so fuck knows when 4's gonna start.

Also, my blog looks wrong on my new computer becuause the pictures at the side get obliterated by the writing, and why can't I download msn messenger?
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Oh my god that's good TV! Now I remember why I like Atlantis so much! Though, a huge amount of the awesomeness did come from O'Neill...

"Sounds more like a plan F, doesn't it? As in 'we are totally...'"

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Wednesday, 22 November 2006 16:15
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Words seriously cannot express how badly I want to see A Dog's Breakfast. Seriously, how amazing does it look?!

Also, Gateworld says Samantha Carter is going to be in season 4 of Atlantis, either as a recurring guest star or a main character. Hmm, I hope this doesn't cue too many icky McKay/Carter stories, but other than that it's pretty cool news.

Oh! Squee!

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 02:51
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New SGA! How cool is that? Must watch...

But not yet, the staying up late is killing me, this is shaping up to be my 5th night in a row of going to bed after 3. At least I get to lie in tomorrow though.

I'm getting fic ideas again all of a sudden. Strange how that happens, they sort of come and go. Actually, it's been ages since I last finished a fanfic, I think my last one was the Traders fic '5 Days'. No idea how long ago that was, but it wasn't recent. Talking of Traders, I got an urge to watch it the other day. I sort of stopped part way through season 4, then never started to again. I really should watch the rest.

I have also recently begun to rediscover my Numb3rs obsession. And The Dead Zone is back on Sci Fi. I've missed some, so I have to catch up.
And Lost on Sky 1! I did cheat and download the first three, but after this Sunday I'm just as "aaaaagh" as everyone else.
Monk Christmas special last week. Wtf? But of an odd time for it, isn't it? But then this from the show that brought us the Hallowe'en show in July...
I'm really not sure about Torchwood. I mean, I love it, but I don't know if I love it as much as I expected too. I'm hoping for much better things in the second half of the series. Then again, the next ep looks to be all about Toshiko, she's not that interesting, I want to know about Jack, damnit!
Also, I'm loving Robin Hood. I didn't think I would, and it's not amazing or anything, but I'm still loving it.

Finally, an update from real life. I've been at my unpleasant and boring job for 6 months now, which apparently means a pay rise! Cool! I'll have to stop complaining as much. Well, maybe not. But an extra 60p an hour is pretty good. They're having their Christmas do part way through December. I said I'd go, but now everyone's talking about dressing up really posh and buying new clothes. If they do, I'm not going to go.

Right, I have a ridiculously long Numb3rs fic to finish reading. I was a fool to start it, I'm going to be up all night and then disappointed because I knew when I started that it was a WIP.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2006 11:26
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Right, I've put my holiday request in, now I've got to sit around with my fingers crossed (not literally, luckily!) for anything up to a week to see whether I'll be allowed the day off.
So the plan for today involves posting my application for this creative writing course, walking the dog, and watching the latest Atlantis episode.

Also, random true fact: Hull sucks and is full of insane savages.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2006 22:35
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First off, huge amounts of congratulations to Tony Shalhoub for his third Emmy win for Monk the other night. And also, that was one great thank you speech, hilarious. Watch it on Youtube here

Well, my mum and dad are off again, they've gone down to visit my Nana and grandad for a few days and to pick up my sister from the airport. She decided to cut short her 5 week holiday and come home a week or so early. Cost her like £120 to change the flight. I'd have stayed in Greece and enjoyed the sun for an extra week and spent the money on a hotel. But whatever. So I get the house to myself until Thursday. So yay.

Right, I'm going get some food, watch Lost, and then I have some Atlantis to catch up on.

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Monday, 21 August 2006 03:14
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I was going to go to bed, I almost fell asleep while watching TV. In fact I think I did for a second. So I went upstairs, but forgot something, Milly followed me up, and didn't come down. I got distracted by the computer and have been reading fanfic for about an hour and the dog is asleep on my bed.

Never got around to watching Galaxy Quest or Atlantis. Oh well, that's maybe something for me to do tomorrow.

I should really start writing fanfic again, it's been ages.

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Sunday, 20 August 2006 20:43
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I was rudely awoken at half ten this morning, half an hour before my alarm was due to go off, by work asking me to go in. I can never turn work down, because I need money, so I rushed and (despite Sunday buses) managed to get in for 12. Worked til 7, they asked me to stay til 10, but no way. So I didn't get any tidying done at all. Never mind.

I got back at quarter to eight, walked the dog, bought some food and am now making curry. I was planning on watching more Monk, but I might watch Galaxy Quest instead, get my Tony Shalhoub fix that way. (I watched some of The Siege last night. I'd forgotten he was in it, because I saw it years ago before I'd ever heard of him, but he's got a huge part, and he's really good Not my kinda film really, but worth watching just for his performance. Seriously. I don't think that's just the obsession talking.) On the other hand, I might catch up on the Atlantis episodes that my Monk fixation has caused me to miss. Or I might just sleep, because I'm kinda exhausted.


Friday, 10 June 2005 11:44
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Well, my holiday's booked. Sort of. The flights are, anyway. My mum did it last night. We're going to Croatia again, going to see my mum's friends in Zagreb, then we'll probably go to the coast. Maybe Novi Vinodolski again. That'd be cool, I like it there. We're flying to Klagenfurt in Austria then hiring a car, so it doesn't look like we'll be able to go to Graz. That's a shame, because I really wanted to go. I'd like to see it again. The original plan was to fly to Graz, but the flights were cheaper to Klagenfurt. Ah well, I guess we'll go another time.

Bizarrely, my sister has decided not to go because she doesn’t want to take the time off work, and my brother has said he will go, which is the complete opposite of what normally happens. Anyway, I guess I'll start trying to learn a bit of Croatian again. Last time we went, no one spoke English and I ended up having to speak to everyone in German. Which was kinda fun actually (nice to feel needed!). But I want to learn Croatian anyway, I have decided that one day I will learn a Slavic language, and this gives me a reason. So I guess it's a good thing I finally took my library books back the other day. Now I've got to pay off the fine and I can get a language course out. I hope that have Croatian. If not, I might try Czech again. The two languages are quite similar, so it might help if I tried Croatian later, and it'd be cool to know what Zelenka is talking about if he speaks Czech in the new series of Atlantis (which is out so soon!!)


Friday, 20 May 2005 12:05
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I don't know what to do about the SGA DVDs!

I bought the first one, but that's it so far. I like commentaries on DVDs, and for some reason they don't have them. I've never bought individual DVDs of SG1, so I don't know if they have them on there, but I think they do. So this gets me thinking, if the SG1 ones have commentaries on the individual and box set releases, (except for the latest series which doesn't have them on the individual ones) is there any point waiting for the box set of SGA, or will that probably not have them either? I mean the region 2 box set, the one that no one has any idea when it will be out yet. I'm pretty sure the region 1 set will have them, but I'd rather get the region 2 if it exists. It's easier that way. But I really, really want those commentaries.

So I don't know if I should just keep buying the individual ones (and catch up on the 2 I haven't got yet), wait for the region 2 box set (whenever that will be) or get the region 1 box set as soon as it's out because it's probably the only way I'll get the commentaries.

Or maybe I should stop caring about the commentaries... (Even though I want them!)

Aaaaagh! What should I do?!


Saturday, 16 April 2005 01:59
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I only have 4 more season 2 Due South episodes to watch, I'm going to have to buy the third season pretty soon. I really shouldn't though! Talking of DVDs I need, I also haven't got Red Dwarf series 6, the second Atlantis DVD and any number of other things that I need. And since I've been re-watching Farscape on BBC3 I've re-discovered that obsession and am seriously considering getting all those on DVD too.

I actually planned on it a few years ago, and I got most of the first season and the first one of season 3. But that's it. I need the rest. Especially now they've stopped showing them (finished tonight with Die Me Dichotomy, the episode that turned me from a casual fan into an obsessed, DVD buying nutter!) I should stop spending so much though. I buy way too many DVDs, books and comics. I can't cut back on the comics because I'm hooked on them, but the DVDs...well, I guess I'm hooked on them too. But I could always wait a bit between purchases. I think I'm going to cut back on the spending until I get a job. On the other hand, I decided that a few months ago and just didn't. That doesn't bode well for the future of this plan!

My mum watched Traders with me this evening. I think she's definitely been turned into a fan. But she fell asleep five minutes before the end. I don't know what it is with her and my dad. Both of them seem incapable of watching TV and staying conscious. It's quite annoying. Still, at least she didn't snore. She did say that watching Traders makes her feel dizzy though. I have no idea whether she was exaggerating or not!

And veering off into yet another fandom, looks like it's official, David Tennant will be the 10th Doctor

And I'm off to bed. Which seems weird since it's only 2am, I guess I'm improving! (For now...)
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I've been very good. I only watched three of the Atlantis episodes on the DVD. Rising (1+2, but they're joined together) and Hide and Seek. And Hide and Seek I watched in German. Which was pretty bizarre, because Sheppard and Beckett's voices are just wrong. McKay, Weir, Teyla and Ford (though he didn't have many lines so I didn't really notice) all seemed to sound the same. Well, except that the were speaking German, obviously. But Sheppard and Beckett's voices seemed too deep. I guess if I hadn't heard it in English I wouldn't notice, but it really bugged me! Oh well, not like I was planning on doing a lot of watching it in German anyway!
I'd forgotten how good Rising was. Or maybe I never realised in the first place. I rarely enjoy first episodes because I don't know the characters yet. Anyway, either way, I enjoyed it this time! Not many extras on the disk though, unfortunately. But there is a ten minute behind the scenes type thing that is pretty hilarious!

Those watched, I then wrote [livejournal.com profile] perian's latest Traders ep onto a disk and watched that. (I said I'd do something constructive. That counts, right? Making a VCD?) A very DH light ep, but pretty cool anyway. I'm not going to ramble about it tonight though, because to be honest I was half asleep when I watched it, I'm half asleep now, and I doubt I'd make any sense! Tomorrow though, expect some rambling! (fair warning?)

One thing though. Jack moved in with Grant and Donald. Now, midway through the first season, I was seeing some slash potential between Jack and Donald, (like maybe in the ep Rumours?) but I ignored it because I was too busy watching Grant. I don't know for how long, but now we've got all three of them living together, I wonder if... No. Better not.

Atlantis DVD!

Monday, 14 March 2005 11:34
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The post just came, and MY ATLANTIS DVD IS HERE!

Yeah, it comes out today, so it's not like it's that surprising, but I didn't think it would get here. I forgot to order it until Thursday, it shipped on Friday and for a few seconds I thought I would get it today, until I read the part of the e-mail that said 'allow 3-5 days for delivery.' Assuming you can't count Sunday, that only gave it two days. But yay! It's here. I've not seen Rising for ages. The others I saw more recently, but this is very cool. So much for doing stuff today, I'm going to have to watch Atlantis all day. Four eps of that, and hopefully by that time my Traders download from [livejournal.com profile] perian will be done, and I'll have to watch that too, of course.

But then I'm doing something more constructive.

Hehehehe! Fun!

Saturday, 5 March 2005 13:43
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Which Stargate Atlantis Character will you Make Out With? by GeekFreak03
UserName or Name
Who?Rodney McKay
Why?Procreation of the human race.
When?Breakfast Time
Who watched?Jinto
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which Stargate Atlantis guy is yours? by sg_crazy
Your Atlantis guy is...Carson Beckett
Because...You find his intelligence extremely sexy
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Friday, 4 March 2005 11:22
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Prezzies sorted. Got my mum a CD of power ballads, she seems to like the other one she's got, and got my dad a stovetop espresso maker, because he asked for one. I also got a load of blank CDs to replace all the ones I've used recently, and a case to store all the ones I've used recently too. Though that's really a present for myself!

I'm so excited. I was in Virgin getting the CD for my mum, and I walked through the sci-fi section, as always, and they had one of those cardboard display things, the things they put DVDs and stuff in, with pictures of whatever they're selling in it (there must be a name for those things!) for the Stargate DVDs. The latest SG1 one is out already, so that was in it, and they'll be putting the Atlantis ones there too, because half of it was Atlantis pictures! I should really order the DVD, thinking about it. I keep forgetting, and I don't want to have to go all the way in town to get it.

Went to the employment agency yesterday. The woman is putting my name forward for a telesales job. I think I'd be ringing people up and pestering them until they bought something. I would become one of the most hated people in the known universe! Fun! Thing is though, it's a part time job. It's 30 hours a week though, so it's not that bad, and a decent wage, £5.50 plus commission. And it's in town, so it's just one bus away. Also though, it's an evening thing. It's 4-9 Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm on Saturdays. That actually suits me pretty well. I could lie in till whenever, get up, slob about, go to work, get home, watch TV (which someone would have to tape for me) go on the computer all night and lie in again the next morning. That would actually fit into my lifestyle perfectly. And I could so do it as well! I really hope I get it. As long as the job doesn't suck too badly, that is!


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