Monday, 19 September 2016 23:53
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 I had to drive my mum's car to work today.  It was... nerve-wracking is probably the best description.  It's an automatic, and I've never really driven one before.  In fact the only times I've driven one are the few times I've driven her car on the motorway on a long trip when she's there too, and that's not the same thing at all!

My car was in for it's MOT.  It passed, eventually, so I have it back now, but while it was in I still needed to get to work.  I spent the whole trip trying to press the clutch and stomping hard on the bit of floor where it should be.  Also, trying to put the lever thing that decides whether it's in drive or park or whatever in the right place, which I couldn't do without looking.  In my car I can switch between gears without even thinking about it.  This, I had to think about, and that was weird, it was like learning to drive again.

I survived it though, and the car did too.  I think mu mum expected me to come home determined to get an automatic.  Nope.  It honestly doesn't feel like driving to me.  it's like dodgems, one pedal for go, one for stop!  apparent;y she took to it really quickly though, when she hired one on holiday in Australia, and didn't want to go back to gears.  Maybe I needed a longer run to get the hang of it.  I'm glad I don't want one though, they are super expensive!  Plus my little car still has a lot of life left in it.  I hope.

So the MOT is don't, the renewal quote for the insurance was reasonable, and in fact not much more than the next cheapest I can find online and without the faff of switching, so Im going to leave it, and I did the tax as soon at the MOT was done, so I'm good to go for another year.  What a relief, I hate this time of year when I end up paying for everything again.

In unrelated news, KCOM, our usually fairly useless broadband provider with whom we are stuck because they have a monopoly in the area, have finally made the ultrafast broadband available in our street.  We got it upgraded today, and it works.  260 Mbps!  Yesterday we were lucky to get 5.  I've been celebrating by downloading a bunch of free movies from Sky and marveling at the time it takes to get them!


Thursday, 15 September 2016 23:59
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 Well, I've gone and acquired another TV obsession.  Not that I'm complaining, I love that feeling of discovering something new.  I've come to it just at the right time too, the 3rd season starts on the 24th, meaning I've only had to wait about two weeks from the epic season 2 finale and the next part.  Still too long though!

I'm considering taking up karate.  I used to do it when i was a kid, but I quit when I was about 13, mostly because I didn't want to have to get up early on a Saturday morning!  But my former sensei now has his own dojo only a few minutes walk from my house and I've been taking my niece each week.  She got her yellow belt on Sunday, and he was really plugging a new adult class he is starting up on a Monday night.  I really want to do it, the only trouble is that I'd have to go on my own, nobody else I know is interested.  I'm going to have a word with him when I take Poppy on Sunday, let him know I'd be interested.

Work is going pretty well.  Things were pretty chaotic when I first took over, but they seem to have calmed down a bit.  Or maybe it's me that has calmed down!  Because I'm feeling much less stressed and much more like if something goes wrong it doesn't actually matter in the grand scheme of things.  I think that's a much better way to be.  I am having some problems though suddenly being in charge of people I was the same grade as until recently.  It's not a major issue, I just feel like when I ask them to do something or tell them they have done something wrong, some of them (one in particular) don't take me seriously.  Hopefully things will improve.  The only trouble is that is that happens and they then move me back to the other role, it'll be awkward.  Never mind, I'm sure it'll be fine.  Or they'll move me back to my old job, in which case it will also be fine.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016 00:45
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 I feel like I haven't been on here for ages.  Probably because I haven't.  I haven't had the time.  My sister and her two kids were here all last week, dog-sitting while my parents were away and I was at work.  When I was home, I was either entertaining the kids, or watching movies with Jennie.  We got though four Star Trek movies, the Man From UNCLE (Which is much better on the second viewing, once the shock as worn off!) Deadpan, Death Becomes her, which is an old silly favorite from when we were kids, and Demolition Man, which is as well.  We also managed to go pottery painting, have a trip to the Humber Bridge park (Pokemon hunting!) and eat lots of take out.  It was a fun week.

Next week, we're all heading to Center Parcs, Mum, Dad, me, Jen, her husband and kids and the dog.  I'm looking forward to it, even though sharing a room with Poppy means I will never get enough sleep!  

Work is going well, though I;m glad to be getting a week off.  It's a bit scary though, like one of the managers told me how impressed her manager had been with me, and then She was telling another manager how well I was doing, and I was a little baffled because I honestly don't feel like I;m going that well.  I feel like I'm constantly asking for help, and struggling to put out one fire after another.  But I guess nothing has actually burned down yet, so maybe It's going better than I think.

I'm up late drinking beer tonight because Poppy I don't have to get up to take Poppy to karate tomorrow, she went today instead.  This will be my last lie-in for a week, so I'm going to take advantage by staying up late for no reason.

In other news, I finally got my hair cut today.  It's been about seven months, and I decided it was time to get the back trimmed so it was more even with the front.  It looks and feels so much better.  I should have done it months ago.  All I have to do now is decide what ind of a style I;m actually going to go for.  I'm thinking inverted bob, but I will need more length in the front.

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Thursday, 14 July 2016 16:13
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 Work are moving me back to Hedon branch, but this time they want me to run the place.  I'm aware that this is down to an extreme shortage of staff, the person running that branch is being moved in to town to fill the place of a person who has recently gone on maternity leave, whose job was going to go to somebody else until she announced that she is pregnant again too and will be leaving again soon.  But still, actually running a whole branch.  Me?  I mean, I'm fairly sure I can do it, it's not like I haven't done it for odd days before, but they moved me into town to learn more about the back office role and I haven't really learned very much yet because everything is happening way ahead of schedule.  On the plus side, this is the job I was planning on applying for when one of my colleagues retires in December, which means I'll have a lot of experience of already doing the role when I apply, which is good.  On the negative side, I'm not going to get any more money for taking on a hell of a lot more responsibility.

Well, we'll see how it goes...

It's a shame though, because I've been enjoying cycling to work.  So I got it into my head that I might be able to cycle to Hedon.  It's only about nine miles away, and there is an off road cycle track about half of the way, so since I had a day off today I decided to try it out.  It was pretty good, actually, took just under an hour.  When I drive there, I can do it in about 30 minutes most days, but I have to leave earlier than that in case the traffic is bad, so I wouldn't actually have to leave that much earlier.  It was pretty tiring though, but I guess maybe I just need to build up a bit of stamina.  I probably won't do it every day, but sometimes, definitely.

In other news, the Labour party have decided that Jeremy Corbyn doesn't need any nominations to get onto the ballot in the leadership election, which makes perfect sense, as he is already the leader and someone had just come along and challenged him.  Angela Eagle's supporters aren't happy about it though, because he's way too popular for her to win, who they have had a rule passed than anyone who has joined the party since 12 January this year won't get to vote.  This is because most of those who have signed up recently support Corbyn and signed up in order to vote for him, knowing that someone would try to get rid of him.  This all seems a but underhanded and undemocratic to me.  But there are ways around it, which leaves me wondering whether I should secure my right to vote for him by paying a one off fee of £25 in the two day window they are allowing to join up as a registered supporter (I bet they will 'accidentally' have the site crash to stop people), or by joining an affiliated trade union.
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 Last week was busy.  It always is they few days after a bank holiday, but this seems to have gone on all week.  That coupled with the fact that we were running the branch on two for two days, once with me in charge, made for stress.  On the plus side, I had my half yearly appraisal and I appear to be doing better than I thought.  On the negative side, I'm running the branch for three days next week, and one of those days I;ll only have one other member of staff again.  But then I have a day off, before being moved to the far quieter branch of Whitefriargate from Friday.  That is a bit of a mixed blessing really.  On the one hand, there will be far less stress, but on the other it is incredibly quiet there, quiet enough that I could probably sit and read a book and nobody would notice.  It's also in town, which is good for travel when the weather is okay, but if it is raining parking is super expensive and the bus station is miles away.  Never mind though, I'm sure I'll work something out.

I've been thinking about my hair recently.  A few months ago, I stopped having it cut.  I were it really short normally, a little longer at the front with bangs that sweep in from one side, but really short at the back, and shaved at the neckline.  But I had an appointment for a cut back in January, and I had to cancel it because I had been asked to work.  Then I just never bothered making it again.  Four months later, I just have this mess, still way too short to tie back, but too long to look neat.  It doesn't help that it's curly, which you don;t even notice when it's short but now it has a bit of length, I pump of mouse and drying it with a diffuser result in something that looks like a 1980s perm.  I know this because I tried it for a laugh yesterday.  So my dilemma is this: do I make an appointment and have it cut again, or do I continue to grow it and see what happens?  I would like to try something new, but I'm getting a little sick of looking like a mess all this time.  I've been thinking for a month or so that any day now it'll reach a length that is more manageable, but it keeps not doing.  What normally happens is you make an appointment to get it cut then the next day you realize it looks not too bad now.  Maybe I should book in so that that happens!

I got my Esther the Wonder Pig book on Friday (along with my helmet cam, but I don't have a memory card for that yet) so I've been reading that over the weekend.  I love Esther.  She's a pig that was adopted by a couple in Canada a few years ago, they thought she was a mini pig, but she turned out to be a full sized commercial pig, who just kept growing to around 650lbs.  She is enormous, but she lives in the house with them and plays with the dogs and is just one of the family.  It's amazing.  They changed their whole lives because of there, moved out of the city to the countryside, went vegan, opened an animal sanctuary, all because they had this pig and the couldn't bear to give her up.  The book is about their whole journey, and although I know it because I've followed Esther on Facebook for a year or so, I'm really enjoying it.

I've also started rewatching Lillyhammer on Netflix, it's been a while since I've seen it, it;s just as good as I remember,

Day Out

Monday, 30 May 2016 00:08
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Pleasure Island was surprisingly good.  Trip adviser reviews had me believing it had become kind of run down and rubbish in the 20 or so years since I last went, but it still looks good.  They still have a lot of the same rides, and some new ones too.  My sister convinced me to go one the Boomerang, which is this ridiculous roller coaster that drags you up really high then fires you around a series of twists and turns, then does the whole thing in reverse  I didn't really like it as a teenager, to be honest.  You just have to do stuff like that so people don't think you're a wimp.  Same as an adult, unfortunately, but it was okay!  I'd do it again if pushed!

We went to watch the parrot show, and my baby niece Hazel found it hilarious.  Every time one of the birds squares, this four month old baby was just giggling hysterically!

When we were kids, long before Pleasure Island was build, we used to go to Cleethorpes to visit my Nana Jenny, my mum's mum, who lived in a caravan there for half the year.  Near to the site where the theme park is now there used to be a little park with rides you had to pay for individually.  Little things like trampolines and swing boats, but my favorite was this massive bumpy slide.  You sat in sacks to go down it, and it was probably as tall as two houses.  It disappeared, with the rest of the park around the time the theme park opened.  Well, now it's inside the park!  Or if it's not that one, it;s exactly the same.  So exciting.  And exactly how I remember it.  Poppy loved it, and she dragged me (ha!  there was no dragging involved!) on if four times to race down it.  A bit of a blast from the past.  Basically, I spent most of the day being a kid!

I'm really glad I went.  I wrote a 5* Trip Adviser review to try to counteract some of the negativity on there.

10 whole days off

Saturday, 21 May 2016 00:35
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I have a random week off next week, because of my work's strange way of making everyone book all their holidays a year in advance before they have any idea when the might actually need off. As it happens, next week is going to be an absolute nightmare at work because six people are away on a training course, so I'm pretty glad not to be there either! But I don't have much planned. Well, Wednesday I'm off to Manchester to see Bruce Springsteen at the Ethiad Stadium, but apart from that I'm going to have to think of something to do, or else I;ll just end up watching Netflix for a week. It has actually worked out as 10 days off, because I'm not working the weekend, so I have one weekend, a week off, another weekend and then Monday is a bank holiday. I couldn't have planned it better if I'd actually planned it.

I found out yesterday that work are moving me to another branch again. I'm going to be in the small branch in the city centre from the middle of next month. I got the feeling that my manager expected me to be unhappy about this, but I'm pretty pleased. I mean, they do finish an hour later, but you get a lunch hour, which I don't get in Hedon, and because it's closer to home I'll be able to cycle to work again, which is awesome. I really feel like I've gotten out of shape since I've been having to drive to work. Maybe I'll be able to lose a couple of pounds in time for the summer.

Talking of summer, I'm not sure if it's just appeared of if iI've sudden;y gotten my sense of smell back after my stupid cold, but there is suddenly lilac everywhere, and it smells gorgeous. Just walking down there road there are about five trees, and they are all just slightly different and I absolutely love it. Summer is wonderful.

Weekend fun

Sunday, 15 May 2016 19:31
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My mum and I went to see Bryan Adams at Sheffield Arena last night.

Really good show. I've seen him twice before, years and years ago when the KC Stadium in Hull was new and people actually came here, and then a few years later in York. The York show was amazing, it was just him, without his band in a tiny little venue. He took requests from the audience. He took a few requests last night too, actually, when he came on for the encore; he stayed on for over half an hour, just him and his guitar.

I can't even remember all the songs he did, because he was on for about two and a half hours. All the well known ones though, and quite a few off the new album.

Hilarious moment of the gig - he got some girl from the audience to dance all the way through one song and had her on the screen behind him, partway through, the... rather large... guy behind her started doing a striptease! Which of course Bryan Adams thought was hilarious, he stopped singing and said "Welcome to Sheffield everyone!"

We met up with my mum's cousin and her husband before the show. They weren't going, but we met up for some food at Chiquito. I've not seen them in quite some time. I don't know them especially well, but we used to go on holidays together when I was a kid, my mum and dad and us kids, them two and theirs.

After the show we went back to the hotel for a few drinks, then this morning we went to Meadowhall on the way home, not for any particular reason, just because we were nearby. But you can't go to Meadowhall without going to the Disney Store. Going to the Disney Store is never a good idea for me though, so I came out with a couple of t-shirts and this fairly awesome BB-8 suitcase, which was on offer, (I did need a little suitcase, though this wasn't exactly as practical as I might have gotten at Domo!) while my mum was unable to give into the temptation to spoil her grandkids, with a Rapunzel press up dress for Poppy and a really cute Finding Nemo swimsuit for Hazel.

All in all, a weekend well spent!

We have a dress down day at work tomorrow to raise money for Alzheimers research. I might wear one of my new t-shirts. Maybe the Captain America one.
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I think I've perforated my eardrum.

Actually, I'm pretty damn sure that's what I've done, because when I blow my nose, I can hear air coming out of my ear, which is incredibly weird.

Oddly, it's actually improved my hearing, I think because the pressure inside has been released and it can't build up again. But it's not the ideal way to solve that problem. The other ear's still bunged up, but I think I've broken the left one.

I rang 111 to see what to do about it. They suggest leaving it a few days to see if it improves, and then going to the doctor on Monday. Though I didn't actually tell them I've perforated it, as I wasn't sure at the time, so I just described the symptoms; pressure gone, awful sound as it happened, earache (which has thankfully gone now) and the buzzing, which is still there. My mum reckons I should go tomorrow. I haven't told her what's happened either, because she'll only yell at me about it.

The trouble with going to the doctor though, is that it would involve calling in sick. I can't get a normal appointment at short notice, they're booked up for about three weeks, so it has to be an emergency appointment, which means ringing at 8am and going whenever they tell you. It's that, or go to the walk in place after work and potentially end up waiting for five hours.

The medical adviser at 111 basically told me I should have gone to the doctor ages ago though, rather than putting up with a cold and probably a chest infection and all the sinus stuff for two months, because everything's connected up, and it;s obviously that that has messed my ears up. She's right, of course. It's just damn difficult to get an appointment when you work full time.

I'm going to Sheffield to see Bryan Adams on Saturday (if I can still hear!) so I'm not sure if it's best to go before or after that. My work know I'm going, so if I call in sick tomorrow, they might think it's to make it a long weekend, which it isn't. If I leave it till Monday, maybe I could give them some warning so that they can make provisions for the fact that I might not be in, or that I might have to arrive late or leave early or whatever.

I'll see how it is tomorrow.


Sunday, 8 May 2016 00:11
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Today was one of those stupid days where nothing goes right.

You know the movie Clerks? "I'm not even supposed to be here today." Someone convinced me to swap shifts with him. I'm sure he was lying about why, he claimed the road had been messed up and they had given him an extra day, but I know he's a Hull City fan, and it turns out they were playing at home today. I bet he spent an nice sunny afternoon at KC Stadium. Never mind, I suppose on the upside I wasn't stuck watching football all afternoon! :)

I only get one day off this weekend now, and my mum and sister (and nieces) are heading to Cleethorpes for a day on the beach, so that's not something I can ever turn down. It may be a stereotypical English seaside town, but I spent most of my childhood summers there, so I will always love it Plus, penny falls that still take 2p coins...

Monday I have to go to Sheffield for the course that I missed out on in March when I was with the stupid bronchitis/laryngitis combo. I'm convinced I still have the same bug now, but it's mostly on the way out, despite the ears thing that's till happening.

It's annoying really. I've driven to Sheffield once or twice before, it's not that far away, and it's where my mum is from, but I'm not confident at all driving in the city, and I have to get to Sheffield United grounds by 9am. Any other day, my mum would be able to take me and then spend the day with her cousin, but because it's that particular day, her cousin is out of town and I have to be a grown-up and drive myself.

The football grounds is about a five minute drive from where my nana and granddad used to live though, so I was thinking that before I head home, I might go there and have a look around, see if it still looks the same. I've not been there in about 25 years, but on Google maps it still looks the same. I'd be interested to see it in person.

On Saturday next week, I'm back in Sheffield again to see Bryan Adams. Funny how things happen all at once.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016 23:53
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I think I sleepwalked last night.

I'm not 100% sure, it's never happened before, as far as I know, but it's the only explanation I can think of.

So at some point in the middle of the night, there is a loud crashing sound. It's me, I've knocked a bunch of stuff off my desk. So I kneel down and start groping around on the floor in the pitch dark thing to pick it up. Eventually, I realize that I can't see anything and I don't even know what I'm looking for, so turning on the light might be a good idea.

So I feel my way over to where the lightswitch should be, skillfully avoiding the box of work uniform I've had on the floor for the past three weeks. To my consternation, the wall with the switch isn't where I thought it would be. So I move closer, singing my arms around. I find the shelves to my right, no lightswitch. Instead, I climb over the end of my bed and crawl over to the pillow end and switch on the bedside lamp.

It is at this point that I realize I am in my bedroom and not the spare room. Why I thought I was in the spare room, I have no idea. I never sleep in there. Having figured all this out, I switch the light back off and go back to sleep, leaving all the stuff all over the floor, for me to find the next day.

That is how I know the whole thing happened at all. Well, that and my sleep cycle app recorded activity at about 3am. The only thing I can think of is that I was sleepwalking, and the crash of the stuff falling on the floor woke me up.

Hopefully it won't happen again, even though everyone did think it was hilarious when I told them the next day.

In other, non sleepwalking related news, Civil War is awesome. I would ramble on about it, but I'm going to try to get an earlyish (the right side of midnight) night, because I still have the cold of doom, and still can't hear out of my left ear, and my right is wonky too. Which made work interesting today. Hopefully sleep will sort it, as long as I don't spend the night stumbling around the house knocking things over.

I'll ramble about the movie tomorrow though, no doubt!

Cold of doom...

Monday, 2 May 2016 00:24
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My evil cold has taken a new and interesting turn. On Friday afternoon, I noticed I couldn't hear properly out of my left ear. Since then, it's gotten gradually worse, with a buzzing in the ear gradually growing louder and more distracting, and not the other ear joining in. It's kind of like someone's turned down the volume button on the world. So right now I'm typing, and I can barely hear the sound of the keyboard. Luckily, it's a bank holiday, so no work tomorrow and it has another day to clear up. If it's not better on Tuesday, I'm going to have to go into work and just keep asking people to repeat themselves, because I already have tickets to see Civil War Tuesday night, and I can't go after taking a day off sick, in case someone sees me. I'm fairly confident that if it doesn't get worse I'll still be able to hear the movie, because TV hasn't been a major issue. The fact that I still feel like crap is incidental. I need to see the movie!

I should probably go to the doctors though. I'm a bit concerned about this. I don't normally get ear infections.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:16
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This cold I have is kicking my ass. And I still have the stupid cough left over from when I had bronchitis a month ago before Disney. And it's actually a month ago now, so this is getting ridiculous. And now I have a headache as well.

I'd love to say I'll have an early night, but it's already gone midnight. Tomorrow. I'll have an early night tomorrow. But yeah, sleep time, I think.
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I've just spent the better part of an hour helping my dad set up his new iPhone. Which it much less time than it took me to help my mum set hers up. I don't get it, mine worked with no problems.

Got there in the end though, and my dad has finally joined this decade with my mum's old 5s instead of the very slow 3s he had been using for the last fifty years (approximately). I heard a rumour that he's going to change his contract so he has some data too, which would be nice because as it is, he can only receive iMessages when he has wifi, and apple, not being that smart, default sends iMessage to anyone with an iPhone, meaning that every time I text him, I have to change the settings on my phone if I want to be sure that he'll get it. Or else if he's at work, the shops, walking the dog, anywhere but at home, it just disappears into the ether.

In other news, I ran the branch today and there were no major disasters. A few minor ones, but so far so good. Four more days of being the boss to go... (and so much that can still go wrong!)

I'm in countdown mode to new Game of Thrones. T minus six minutes and counting. Although I'm going to watch it a bit late so I can fast forward the adverts.

Center Parcs

Friday, 1 April 2016 17:30
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Greetings from Center Parcs.

I's amazing how things have moved on since the first time we came here. Back then we had no mobile phones and we had to rely on telephone boxes for communication with the outside world. Then a few years later we has a brick-like mobile phone and the only place you could get a signal was standing in the top of one particular little hill, meaning that there was a queue to stand there a lot of the time. We didn't come for years after that, then when Poppy was born we started coming again, and found there was still no mobile phone signal but Wifi in the village, which was kind of amazing but did mean that you had to walk down there to get online. Then last year, miraculously, there was a phone signal here. This time, we have wifi in the villa. It's amazing, it's like actually being in the 21st century!

This also means that as I have my IPad and my keyboard with me, I might even get some fic posted. We'll see...

We've been in the pool today, round the Rapids quite a few times, played a bit of catch in the pool, and convinced Poppy to go in the plunge pool a few times. Been on a few water slides too. Annoyingly, all the hair dryers were broken, and only worked for a few minutes before stopping. I got one that kept working but was cold. As a result, my hair looks hilarious. I'll need to fix it before we go out to eat!


Thursday, 31 March 2016 10:21
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Funniest moment of the holiday:
Going through security at the little gate near the hotels, I sent my bag through the scanner and then walked through the gate, and the guy on he other side started staring at me. I kind of shifted nervously and then looked at my mum to check I hadn't missed him saying something but she didn't appear to have noticed anything. I looked back at the guy, he was still staring. I smiled and went to pick up my bag, thinking if the scanner thought it had found something he would stop me and ask to look inside. Instead, he looked at me more intently and said "Irish!"

I had to laugh. He was playing guess the nationality and he had been trying to place the black hair blue eyes combination!. He wasn't far wrong actually, although I'm English, my name is O'Brien and I'm of Irish descent. I feel a bit bad for not just telling him he was right, but I was just too surprised to think at the time.

Then there was the guy on the turnstiles at the Disneyland park itself who took out tickets and said "O'Brien. I've known some O'Briens in my time..." I didn't know quite what to say to that either!

Hilarious stuff! 😂😂😅
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Okay, reading that last entry I can't help but notice that it comes across as a bit of a moan. It wasn't meant to be; I had a really nice time and I would love to go back again. I think I'm just incapable of writing about experiences in a positive way, it's like I always have to look for the negative, like I can't possibly appear enthusiastic about something. I don't know why.

I had a wonderful time, the hotel was really nice (if a bit warm!) and Disneyland itself was unlike anything I've experienced. The rides were great, the whole place is split into different zones and a lot of it is like small-town america, it's gorgeous, the staff there are all so nice, when we say the parade, lots of the people acknowledged Poppy in her Anna outfit, Peter Pan bowed to her and Anna made a fuss over them wearing the same thing. Poppy found the whole thing hilarious because she thought they thought she was really Anna. Though after a while everyone calling her princess started to annoy her, and I think she might have been rebelling against it by wanting the snake faceprint and the R2D2 hoodie! Which is fine by me, because she looks super cute in the hoodie and the girly faceprint was all kind of lame! (sorry, did that sound negative?! It wasn't supposed to!)

I got myself some very cool Nightmare Before Christmas shoes and a hat, the restaurants were all really nice, and one of them had Disney characters come and meet the kids while you ate. The Rainforest cafe was very cool so, they had fake storms while you ate!

The Ratatouille ride was awesome. We were there 5 days (four really, because two were half days) and it wasn't enough to do everything. It was a very good holiday and we all had a lovely time.


Monday, 14 March 2016 23:17
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I'm ill. With the chesty cough, runny nose, achey muscles, itchy eyes and almost definitely going to lose my voice lurgy. I started last night and has been getting progressively worse ever since. Which really sucks because I'm running the branch tomorrow, and I've got to drive to Leeds for a course on Wednesday, so there's not going to be a lot of chance to sit around under a blanket shivering against a hot water bottle.

In other news, out internet and phone line aren't working. They've been funny since the end of last week but it was meant to be fixed by the end of today and it isn't. The say tomorrow now, but I'm getting nervous it's still going to be down on Friday. Thank goodness for the ability to tether my phone, but I'm rinsing my data and probably I can't use it to watch too many episodes of Daredevil when it lands. Crap crap crap.

Right, bed. Fingers crossed I'm better tomorrow.

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Sunday, 13 March 2016 08:42
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Well, so much for posting more often!

I was going back over old (old, old) blog entries last night in an attempt to figure out when we did certain things, trying to like of piece together a timeline of holidays we've been on, when my brother moved in and out, when my sister was here with her boyfriend, stuff like that. It was (unsurprisingly) really useful to be able to just read it all. So I should really update more offen because 10 years from now I might be trying to do the same thing.

Also, just because I want to.

We are officially less than a week away from the new season of Daredevil! I'm so ridiculously excited! I'm also pretty pissed off that I'm working next Saturday, which ruins my plans to stay up really late Friday night watching it, then roll out of bed whenever on Saturday and resume. Never mind, I'm determined to get through the whole season before the following Friday when I'm off to Disneyland in Paris.

It's my first time there. I'm going with my mum and my niece. My sister is staying home with the new baby because she thinks it's be too difficult to be there with a two month old. She's probably right. Shame though. But she did go last year and I didn't.

I'm writing fanfic again! I've squeezed out a couple a few months ago, but for some reason it felt like a struggle and I couldn't concentrate to work on my longer fic, suddenly it seems to be working again. In even accepting kink meme prompts again. But be something to do with the looming next season.

I went it last night and saw Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot at city hall. I was real near the front, like row 3. It was an amazing show. I mean, I thought their last one was good, but this was fantastic. They did a lot of Beautiful South songs, but a few of their own too. Then two encores, during the first one, a load of massive balloons (like two meters wide) were thrown into the audience and we were all hitting them around, then we got showered with gold confetti, which I just found a bit of sticking to my face this morning. Oops!

Well, better get out of bed. I take my niece to karate on a Sunday. I wish I hadn't stayed up til 2 after the show. But I'm pretty thankful I managed to stop myself after 3 glasses of wine!
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I am so ridiculously mad with my dad.

So, Ant Man came out last week, and I really wanted to see it. My dad didn't, and so I was going to go with someone else, but then he talked to some friends of his who told him that it looked really good, and he suddenly changed his mind. Great, so we'll go. We arranged to go on Tuesday. Yesterday, he mentioned that he needed to text his friend Pat about the times. That's fine, because she often goes with us to see films and I kind of know her. But then today he mentioned that he wanted to get y mum's Meercat Movies code, even though we already have mine. So I asked why, was someone else going? Yes, he says, he went out to lunch with a bunch of people the other day and told them he was going, and they all wanted to see it too, so he doesn't know how many, but there will probably be about seven of them.

So at this point I got kinda mad, because I really don't want to go with a huge gang of people I don't know. And he get all bewildered, like what's the problem, and I simply can;t understand why he doesn't get why it's an issue for me. Hello, social anxiety? So now he's going to see the film I want to see that he wasn't even bothered about, and I'm not. I'm going next week with Jennie. Which means I have to wait a whole other week.

I'm absolutely furious with him, and he doesn't understand why.

Well, he's not getting my Meercat Movies code.


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