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Sunday, 21 August 2016 00:45
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 I feel like I haven't been on here for ages.  Probably because I haven't.  I haven't had the time.  My sister and her two kids were here all last week, dog-sitting while my parents were away and I was at work.  When I was home, I was either entertaining the kids, or watching movies with Jennie.  We got though four Star Trek movies, the Man From UNCLE (Which is much better on the second viewing, once the shock as worn off!) Deadpan, Death Becomes her, which is an old silly favorite from when we were kids, and Demolition Man, which is as well.  We also managed to go pottery painting, have a trip to the Humber Bridge park (Pokemon hunting!) and eat lots of take out.  It was a fun week.

Next week, we're all heading to Center Parcs, Mum, Dad, me, Jen, her husband and kids and the dog.  I'm looking forward to it, even though sharing a room with Poppy means I will never get enough sleep!  

Work is going well, though I;m glad to be getting a week off.  It's a bit scary though, like one of the managers told me how impressed her manager had been with me, and then She was telling another manager how well I was doing, and I was a little baffled because I honestly don't feel like I;m going that well.  I feel like I'm constantly asking for help, and struggling to put out one fire after another.  But I guess nothing has actually burned down yet, so maybe It's going better than I think.

I'm up late drinking beer tonight because Poppy I don't have to get up to take Poppy to karate tomorrow, she went today instead.  This will be my last lie-in for a week, so I'm going to take advantage by staying up late for no reason.

In other news, I finally got my hair cut today.  It's been about seven months, and I decided it was time to get the back trimmed so it was more even with the front.  It looks and feels so much better.  I should have done it months ago.  All I have to do now is decide what ind of a style I;m actually going to go for.  I'm thinking inverted bob, but I will need more length in the front.

Home again

Tuesday, 5 April 2016 00:26
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I'm back from Center Parcs. I know I've been going there since I was about 10, but I think it's still one of my favorite holiday locations. I love how the wildlife comes to your door to be fed. When we arrived we had three ducks come up to the back door begging for food, we were visited by squirrels and swans and all kinds of birds, and at night a bunch of mice came and cleared up the leftovers. And the pool at Sherwood is just so awesome, especially the slides and the Rapids, which I must have been down about 50 times. Poppy is old enough to go down the more gentle first half now, so she just kept insisting I go with her again and again. My favorite slide is the bid tube slide though. It's supposed to have little LEDs above you all the way down but it was broken this week so it's pitch black the whole way down, which you might not think is good, but is actually really is because it makes all the twists and turns much more unexpected.

I'm covered in bruises though, mostly from the Rapids. We call them Rapids wounds and they are kind of a mark of honor, in a silly, jokey way.

I also kind of love how inclusive the whole place is. Like most of the restaurants have vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free etc menus, which is massively refreshing after the choice of vegetarian food in Disneyland! (mostly a choice of vegiburger and chips or margarita pizza) Also, little things, like all the maps placed around the village are also tactile maps, and everywhere is set up to be helpful to people with kids or breastfeeding mums, like it's easy to get prams everywhere, and they actually have sheltered buggy parking outside everywhere. Not I need those, but it's very nice that it's there for people who do. It's also lovely that there are no cars in the village. Even if you do get a bit wet when it rains, it's nice to go for a walk and not see any cars, just hoards of people walking and cycling around. So yeah, definitely my favorite holiday, at least within the UK. I'm not saying I'd choose it over a fortnight in Santorini, but for somewhere an hour and a half up the motorway, it's seriously awesome.

I do however always return absolutely exhausted because it's a pretty active holiday. Luckily I'm not back at work til Monday, so now I get to rest up and write some fanfic and catch up on some comics on Marvel Unlimited for a few days. Well, after the laundry is done!

Center Parcs

Friday, 1 April 2016 17:30
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Greetings from Center Parcs.

I's amazing how things have moved on since the first time we came here. Back then we had no mobile phones and we had to rely on telephone boxes for communication with the outside world. Then a few years later we has a brick-like mobile phone and the only place you could get a signal was standing in the top of one particular little hill, meaning that there was a queue to stand there a lot of the time. We didn't come for years after that, then when Poppy was born we started coming again, and found there was still no mobile phone signal but Wifi in the village, which was kind of amazing but did mean that you had to walk down there to get online. Then last year, miraculously, there was a phone signal here. This time, we have wifi in the villa. It's amazing, it's like actually being in the 21st century!

This also means that as I have my IPad and my keyboard with me, I might even get some fic posted. We'll see...

We've been in the pool today, round the Rapids quite a few times, played a bit of catch in the pool, and convinced Poppy to go in the plunge pool a few times. Been on a few water slides too. Annoyingly, all the hair dryers were broken, and only worked for a few minutes before stopping. I got one that kept working but was cold. As a result, my hair looks hilarious. I'll need to fix it before we go out to eat!


Thursday, 31 March 2016 10:21
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Funniest moment of the holiday:
Going through security at the little gate near the hotels, I sent my bag through the scanner and then walked through the gate, and the guy on he other side started staring at me. I kind of shifted nervously and then looked at my mum to check I hadn't missed him saying something but she didn't appear to have noticed anything. I looked back at the guy, he was still staring. I smiled and went to pick up my bag, thinking if the scanner thought it had found something he would stop me and ask to look inside. Instead, he looked at me more intently and said "Irish!"

I had to laugh. He was playing guess the nationality and he had been trying to place the black hair blue eyes combination!. He wasn't far wrong actually, although I'm English, my name is O'Brien and I'm of Irish descent. I feel a bit bad for not just telling him he was right, but I was just too surprised to think at the time.

Then there was the guy on the turnstiles at the Disneyland park itself who took out tickets and said "O'Brien. I've known some O'Briens in my time..." I didn't know quite what to say to that either!

Hilarious stuff! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
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Okay, reading that last entry I can't help but notice that it comes across as a bit of a moan. It wasn't meant to be; I had a really nice time and I would love to go back again. I think I'm just incapable of writing about experiences in a positive way, it's like I always have to look for the negative, like I can't possibly appear enthusiastic about something. I don't know why.

I had a wonderful time, the hotel was really nice (if a bit warm!) and Disneyland itself was unlike anything I've experienced. The rides were great, the whole place is split into different zones and a lot of it is like small-town america, it's gorgeous, the staff there are all so nice, when we say the parade, lots of the people acknowledged Poppy in her Anna outfit, Peter Pan bowed to her and Anna made a fuss over them wearing the same thing. Poppy found the whole thing hilarious because she thought they thought she was really Anna. Though after a while everyone calling her princess started to annoy her, and I think she might have been rebelling against it by wanting the snake faceprint and the R2D2 hoodie! Which is fine by me, because she looks super cute in the hoodie and the girly faceprint was all kind of lame! (sorry, did that sound negative?! It wasn't supposed to!)

I got myself some very cool Nightmare Before Christmas shoes and a hat, the restaurants were all really nice, and one of them had Disney characters come and meet the kids while you ate. The Rainforest cafe was very cool so, they had fake storms while you ate!

The Ratatouille ride was awesome. We were there 5 days (four really, because two were half days) and it wasn't enough to do everything. It was a very good holiday and we all had a lovely time.
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I'm back home.

Disneyland was kind of awesome, in a loud, child-oriented and absolutely exhausting way. I had fun, but now I'm home I feel like I need to sleep for a week to recover. Poppy had a great time, but I think she feels the same way. We went on a lot of rides though (Ratatouille was my favourite), and the hotel was really nice, though for some reason they have the heat turned up way too high everywhere, so you can't put your coat on in your room then walk to the exit without feeling like you're going to melt. Ditto eating breakfast, you have to wear as few clothes as possible or you wind up feeling ill. Even in the room, it was impossible to turn the air conditioning down to a comfortable level, so we had to leave the window open every night. Very strange, but never mind. The pool in the hotel was really nice, and it had a good waterslide.

On the last day, we went on Crush's Coaster. We hadn't done it any earlier because we thought it would be too rough for Poppy, but then we saw a video of it on the TV in the room and it didn't look that bad, and she really wanted to try it. When we got there there were warnings about it being dark and drops and sharp turns etc, but she insisted, and we thought it can't be that bad. It actually was. I know I'd have hated it when I was five. After you get through the underwater scenes it goes really dark and starts whipping you around, going up and down and you can't see what's going on at all. I was sure she would hate it, but when we got off she said she wanted to do it again. Apparently it's her favorite. This is the same kid who won't go into a cave with a fake dragon in because it's too scary. She's an unusual kid.

Security there is insane, by which I mean really good. Everyone gets scanned walking into the Disney Village, any bags have to go through an airport-type scanner. Walking into the hotels you have to get scanned by a guy with one of those metal detector wands, and there are security with dogs and sniffer dogs walking around everywhere. It's weird though that they don't scan the kids. Like, walking into the hotel they didn't check Poppy, and one day we got the bus from the hotel so we had to go through the main security, my mum took my bag so Poppy and I could go through the no bags line and go get a fast pass for something while she queued to get the bags scanned, they don't make you walk through a metal detector in that queue, you just get scanned by a guy with a wand thing again, and again he didn't check Poppy. Surely having observed this, some nutter could have their kid carry their weapons in for them. I thought that was a bit worrying to be honest.

But yeah, lots of fun. Lots of walking though, seriously, my watch records my steps and one day I did over 20000.

This is weird though. Because it was me and my mum taking my niece without either of her parents, and having heard stories about people being stopped at the airport and missing their flights because security don't believe you have a right to take the kid out of the country, we decided to take a letter. Because my mum is paranoid about things going wrong, she paid to have the thing notarized. This involved official documents signed by Jennie and Martin, witnessed by the notary public, copies of everyone's ID, official stamps, the whole thing is bound with ribbon and wax, it's insanely posh. On the way out, nobody even questioned us, despite Poppy having a different surname to both of us. Then on the way back into the UK, we were stopped. It was fine, because we had the most official document ever, but it seems very odd to stop us on the way back into the country. To me, it would make sense to check stuff like that before someone took a child out of the country, because if you were bringing them back home presumably you're not up to anything nefarious, you're just going home. It's leaving that you are more likely to be up to something. So we asked the guy, and he said that it is one the way back you'll get stopped. On the way out, the airline should check but they don't always. Isn't that a worry? I mean, if someone steaks a kid, they are okay to take them out of the country with no issues, it's only if they try to bring them home they face issues? Seems totally backward to me. So next time if we ever do it again, we probably won't pay to get the documents made official, because once you've had your holiday, who cares if you get a little delay on the way home while they ring the parents to make sure the non-oficial letter is legit? OTOH, you can guarantee that if you don't do it, you will get stopped, can't you?!

Anyway, I now have a day to recover from Disneyland before we're heading off again, to Center Parcs for a few days. I have no idea how things ended up being so close together. Its with Poppy being at school now and us having to plan things round school holidays, I suppose. I think I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow!


Thursday, 24 March 2016 16:17
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I hate packing. It's the worst thing about going away. I'm always convinced that I've forgotten something. I have no idea what it might be that I;ve forgotten, but it will be something vitally important and getting a new one will either be a major inconvenience or impossible, because that's how things work in my head.

Still, I have the basics, underwear, hair straighteners (seriously this counts as the basics for me, my hair is a disaster otherwise), medication, plugs, phone charger. Anything else, I'll just buy it.

This time tomorrow I'll either be in the airport in France or hopelessly lost on the train, because I have literally no idea how to get from Charles De Gaulle airport to Disneyland other than the fact that it involves some high speed train. The whole "we'll just wing it" thing sounded like a good one a few months ago, now not so much. Also, my French is fucking terrible, which doesn't help anything.

Transporting food

Thursday, 24 March 2016 11:33
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Do you ever watch those airline security programs? You know the ones set at customs where they find all the weird crap that people have decided to bring into the country without declaring? There's usually someone with drugs, someone with some awful, maggot filled thing that's a delicacy in their won country, and then (usually on the Australian ones) you get these Chinese families who have said they have no food, but actually have cases and cases full of stuff. Not even totally weird stuff (sometimes it is, like birds nest) just everyday stuff, bought in a store and not at all terrifying. They usually get a huge fine for not declaring it and often refuse to pay and have it seized. And all the while you're watching, you're thinking "What the fuck? Do they not know they have food in Australia?"

Well, that's my mum right now. We're going to France tomorrow, to Disneyland, and you should see the stuff she's packing; bags of crisps, pot noodles, mugshots, teabags, UHT milk. It's hilarious, it's like she actually doesn't know that food exists in France too. I get why though, Disneyland is expensive, she's thinking if we don't want to eat out every meal it'd be good to not have to. But that won't make us look any less crazy as we go through security.

I'm back :)

Monday, 15 June 2015 17:17
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I actually had a pretty good time. I'm exhausted, but holiday's tend to do that to me, especially sharing a room with my niece, who gets up at stupid times like 5am and declares that it;s morning because the sun is up. By the end of the week she had started either sneaking out in the middle of the night to get into bed with her mum and dad, or (on the last two nights) actually sleeping through the night. So that was better!

The weather was pretty terrible, unfortunately. The first few days were all wind that took all the heat out of the sun, then we got a few good days, and then it clouded over completely and rained. Then the wind came back. Ironically, this morning was beautiful. The rest of the week is supposed to be nice. Hopefully it'll be nice in Hull too, because I still have another week off work.

We did quite a lot though, probably because of the weather rather than despite it. If it had been warm wed have most likely just been on the beach all the time, as it was we went to a zoo, the SeaLife centre, into Yarmouth a few times, went out for a few meals, went to the pub at night and played dominoes while listening to the worst karaoke imaginable, and of course the (terrible) kids club, which Poppy really liked though.

I don't know if I'll go on another holiday like that though. I'm starting to feel like the odd one out. I mean, there's Jennie and Martin and Poppy, there's my mum and dad, and then there's me sort of stuck on my own. I feel like I'm just tagging along half the time, and I know that's my issue and not theirs, but I do feel like on the days when we split up and do things separately, I'm intruding if I go with Jennie and Martin, and if I stay with my Mum and Dad either the same or I'm bored because they just want to stay inside and read or whatever, which I'm all for on holiday but I'd rather do it on the beach or I may as well be at home. When well all hang out together it's sort of okay, but I do still feel a bit in the way. Totally my issue, as I've said, but it is an issue nonetheless.

We're going to Center Parcs in December, but that's kind of different. There may not be too many of these holidays in then ext few years anyway. I think Jennie is pregnant again, or trying to be. She hasn't actually said anything to anyone yet, but she didn't touch a drop of alcohol the whole time we were there, and she's been acting strangely, not something I can put my finger on specifically, just not quite like she normally does. And then I noticed a carrier bag with folic acid tablets in it, which pretty much confirms it. I'll act surprised when (if) she announces.

Anyway, now I'm back it's time to concentrate on fic, because not surprisingly I've not had much chance to write while I was away.


Monday, 8 June 2015 01:57
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I'm (almost) all packed and ready to go. I have two new audiobooks on my iPod, about sixteen DVDs that we're probably not going to watch packed in my laptop bag and far too many scrappy tops for the weather we are probably going to have.

Five adults, one small child and a flatulent, diabetic dog in a caravan just outside of Great Yarmouth for seven days. It's going to be interesting. Or it's going to be Hell. Not sure which at this point. Also, leaving my brother home alone worries me, he has been known to borrow my car without asking (I'm taking the keys with me) and is both an alcoholic and a drug user. I'm sure he'll be fine, but not 100% sure, you know?

Anyway, nothing I can do about it.

Hopefully the holiday will be good. It's a Haven park, which makes it sound like it's going to be super lame, but my niece if Four and taking her on a too hot beach holiday abroad just didn't seem fair. Of course, my mum is taking her to Disneyland in Paris later in the year, but whatever. I'm not jealous. Okay, I totally am.

Anyway, better sleep. I have to be up and out of the house pretty early in the morning.


Sunday, 13 March 2011 12:22
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The Enemy is so much kicking my ass.

I have pretty much finished the new chapter, I'm hoping to have it up today, after I've checked it through for massive hilarious typos, but for now I'm taking a step back from that and trying to work on the next chapter, and once again it's just not happening. Honestly, it feels like I'm fighting a battle against this story, and I think I'm losing ground at the moment. I know where I want to be in the chapter after next, but I'm trying to get there in this one, and it's not happening. I'm just having the characters meander around in circles not doing much right now. so pretty much all of that needs deleting.

I know I'll get there in the end though, I did with the last one, and the current one, so eventually something decent will begin to take shape.

The sequel to Aftertaste is calling me. It really wants to be worked on...

It occurred to me last night that I'm going away in a week's time. Ten days in Portugal, hopefully getting a bit of sun. I'm taking my iPhone with me, of course, and I will pop online every now and then to keep up to date (roaming internet fees be damned!), and I'm going to find me an internet cafe too, because I need to be connected to the internet in order to breathe, but I'm going to get all behind on everyone's wonderful stories, which is annoying.

I'll be working on mine while I'm away though, so hopefully I'll come back with something to post.
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Well, we're at the airport on the way back. The check in here has been smoother than on the way here. This tome it was me holding up security though, with my bottle of water accidentally left on my luggage. There were no firms to fill on here though, no half hour waits, and the staff are much more polite than at stanstead. Apart from the disaster arriving, it's been a nice holiday, we had a look around Graz, went to Vienna and day, went up the Schlossberg, had a lot of Kaffee und Kuchen, used the sauna in the hotel and I even spoke some German. Go me! The flight leaves in about an hour, we're staying g over at my nanas tonight, then we'll arrive back in Hull tomorrow evening.

Hi from Graz

Wednesday, 17 December 2008 22:36
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Crazy trip here. We hit really bad traffic on the way to the airport. I thought for a while that we weren't going to make it there in time for check in. The traffic dissapated eventually though, and we got to the car park with about 40 mins til check on closed. Pleanty of time, right? ngone with any sense will have got there earlier and there shouldn't be a queue for that flight. Wrong. Ryanair have instigated a new method of checking in. You have to check in at a machine and then go to a bag drop to check in your bags. But there you have everyone from every Ryanair flights all queuing up at the same few desks to drop their bags. So we were waiting behing the sensible people who had arived early for a flight that didn't leave for hours. After 20 minutes without moving more than a few inches forward, we asked a member of staff, saying that the gate for out flight closed in less than half an hour. They moved us to the front, thank god, or we'd probably still have been waiting there now.

We then went to security, where there was another massive queue, we waited there around 10 more of our precious 30 mins. When we finally got through, my mums bag beeped. We then had to wait another 10 mins until someone got around to checking it. The checking took ages, according to the ticket, the gate would be closed by now. The securite guy assured us we had until 10 mins before the flight left to get on, swabbed the bag and told us we'd be fine. The swab picked something up. So, according to the security guy, there may havebeen something in the bag that might have been used to make homemade explosives. WTF? It later occured to me that homemade explosives can be made from the most innocent of substances, so it was unlikely to be anything awful. Whateverit was, it was on my mums phone. So so had to answer a. Inch of questions . Had she lent it to anyone? Sent it away for repair? The guy filled out a form, then sent us on our way, promising to radio the desk to ask them to wait. Yes, by that time we were that late. We ran. It's not closeby, Ryanairs area of the airport, it was exhausting, that run. And when we got to the gate, there was nothing there. No members of staff, no passengers, no plane. Panicking now, we were told by someone that everyone had moved two gates gown. We ran some more. Finally making it on board. The security guy, true to his word had radioed through and they were waiting for us. Phew!

Then, to add insult to injury the plane was delayed nearly an hour because of a baggage mix up, caused, no doubt, by the ridiculous situation at check in. Thank you very much Ryanair.

Still, we arived I. Onepeice, and the hotel is very nice. Plus it's wifi network allows me to blog from my room on my phone. Which explains and typos, by the way. So yeah, it's all good now, we're having a good time, I'm sure I'll write something more about it later. Probably with photos. You have been warned!
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Ryanair seriously sucks. I'll explain when I have chance. On the plane right now, delayed on the runway. Sigh.
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Well, I'm off on holiday. I'm going to Austria for the week with my mum. We're in the car right now, driving down the a1. The flight is at 11 something, so we should hopefully not be in a mad rush.

It was my birthday yesterday, 27. Didn't do much. We went out for a meal at pizza express in Beverley, which was nice. My mum and dad got me some new iPod speakers, posh ones because mine are cheapo and make this constant buzzing sound (that only I can hear, which makes it kinda worse). The quality on these new ones is really good. I also got a new necklace and earrings, a Dresden Files graphic novel, some baileys and a bunch of other cool stuff. And a nice birthday cake. We've brought some of that with us.

I got up at 4am, so I'm exhausted, I'm gonna try to get some sleep.

No rain yet, then

Saturday, 30 June 2007 01:56
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I'm going to start this post by mentioning that I drank five bottles of Stella tonight, and so any spelling errors and generally moronic comments are probably because of that.

Well, the torrential rain part 2 that was forecast for the weekend hasn't started yet, which is good because I really want to manage to get to London tomorrow. Missing my flight would kinda ruin the holiday. So I'm hoping it will hold off until the afternoon, because the train goes at 1.05 tomorrow.

I spent most of tonight packing, which it a ridiculously tiring activity, and I don't know why my case is coming so dangerously close to the 20kg limit, I don't remember packing that much stuff. But apart from a few things I need to add in the morning, I'm all done. Apparently my dad is pissed off about the state of my bedroom and is threatening to go up there and tidy it while I'm away, which is a little weird, a total invasion of privacy and slightly worrying. But it would save me a job I suppose. I'll try to sort it a little before I go tomorrow though.

The new job is still going well, although that might have something to do with the fact that I haven't done any actual work yet. I have a week of training once I get back, and the actual job starts 2 weeks on Monday. I don't think I'll have too many problems though, I'm starting to get a feel for what I'll be doing. It's a little strange to be working with someone who I knew at school, but in a good way, I think.

If all goes according to plan, I'll arrive in London tomorrow at 4ish, and be at Gatwick by 5ish to meet my friend. The flight doesn't leave til nearly 11, and sometime early Sunday morning, we'll arrive in Gran Caneria. Where the weather will hopefully be better than here!

I'm not sure if I'll get online in the morning, or whether I'll find an internet cafe there, so this might be my last entry for a week. Or it might not, depends on lots of things, but I'll try to get online while I'm away if I can.

Now I need to sleep before I nod off at the computer!


Friday, 10 June 2005 11:44
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Well, my holiday's booked. Sort of. The flights are, anyway. My mum did it last night. We're going to Croatia again, going to see my mum's friends in Zagreb, then we'll probably go to the coast. Maybe Novi Vinodolski again. That'd be cool, I like it there. We're flying to Klagenfurt in Austria then hiring a car, so it doesn't look like we'll be able to go to Graz. That's a shame, because I really wanted to go. I'd like to see it again. The original plan was to fly to Graz, but the flights were cheaper to Klagenfurt. Ah well, I guess we'll go another time.

Bizarrely, my sister has decided not to go because she doesn’t want to take the time off work, and my brother has said he will go, which is the complete opposite of what normally happens. Anyway, I guess I'll start trying to learn a bit of Croatian again. Last time we went, no one spoke English and I ended up having to speak to everyone in German. Which was kinda fun actually (nice to feel needed!). But I want to learn Croatian anyway, I have decided that one day I will learn a Slavic language, and this gives me a reason. So I guess it's a good thing I finally took my library books back the other day. Now I've got to pay off the fine and I can get a language course out. I hope that have Croatian. If not, I might try Czech again. The two languages are quite similar, so it might help if I tried Croatian later, and it'd be cool to know what Zelenka is talking about if he speaks Czech in the new series of Atlantis (which is out so soon!!)


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