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I've been rereading some old comics, taking advantage of the last of my days off before I'm back at work on Monday. I came across this today. I'd seen it before, but it really seems to do a great job of giving a visual representation of how Matt 'sees' the world, much better than the radar sense panels you get more often. Not that I dislike those of course, though I'm not a huge fan of the radar sense - I much prefer the way Matt seems to experience the world in the series. They do mention the radar sense a few pages later, and there are bits of it here too, but mixed in with everything else, which is nice. I think this is kind of an intro to the character for people new to him, and a reintroduction for people coming in from the previous series.

For context, this is from a short, extra story in Daredevil 1 (2011). This is the series that followed the one that ended with Shadowland, which was very dark. Matt has come back determined to be happy and optimistic, and Foggy is... unsure about it.

I love this because there's just so much going on there, the birds wings, the sound, and/or perhaps scent of the woman's hair, the fumes from the car, the smell of the dog mess, people talking, the (pizza?) on the back of the motorcycle, music from someone's iPod... It just seems like a nice representation of all the stuff he is constantly aware of just in his everyday life.


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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 00:46
prepare4trouble: (Default) appears to be malfunctioning. Again. it won;t let me upload anything. Why I keep using that site, I'm not entirely sure. Misguided loyalty due to how long I;ve been there, I suppose. This latest fic is not going to be going up there tonight though. I should have been asleep hours ago.

I got roped into working an extra Saturday last week. There's a girl at work who had been rota;d on for this coming Saturday and had someone visiting for just that day. She asked if I;d do it for her, and because I honestly lack the capacity to say no if someone asks me something outright, I agreed, as long as I could still get a lieu day during the week. But now she's decided to call in sick today, and so I have no idea whether I;m working on Saturday or not, because she is prone to taking weeks off at the moment due to some pregnancy issues she's having. But Saturday is Hull Pride, and I would love to go if I;m not working. I hope I;ll find out tomorrow. But then, even if she is off for the week, there;s still a good chance they'll ask me to cover her shift on Saturday, since they already now know I;m free(ish). I hate uncertainty.

In random other news, my niece is a Hulk fan. I have no idea where that came from, but now whenever she sees me with my iPad, she demands that I read her the Hulk on Marvel Unlimited. Which would be fine, but I don't know the Hulk that well, so I don"t know if there's going to be something inappropriate on the next page. Also, she's four. And more than a little interested in death to the point that whenever someone gets punched, she asks if they're dead and then starts talking about her guinea pig that died. It's kind of sad, and I literally never know what to say. I think she's been traumatized by the whole thing. She also thinks Captain America is cool, and she sees this cushion I have with a star on it as a Captain America shield, and I have to be the bad guy and try to beat her up while she blocks me with it. It's pretty hilarious actually. She is also having me read her my collection of Thundercats comics from the 80s. She's probably going to end up a total geek. This is good...

But the thing about death has to stop. I'm worried about it. Should I speak to my sister again? She does't seem particularly bothered, but then she had never read the Hulk with the kid.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 00:45
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Also, my resisting buying comics has been rewarded. The marvel Gods came through for me by providing not just Superior Iron Man #3 (You guys, it's so good! I should totally start getting comics again! (oh, wait, wasn't the point not to...?)), but also the next Daredevil, Hawkeye, Deadpool and Hawkeye vs Deadpool and I;m sure there was something else too. Basically, I'm in comic reading heaven.

Daredevil #16

Saturday, 27 June 2015 00:12
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Over on the DD Kinkmeme everyone's going nuts over #16. I don't read the comics. I mean, I do, but I read them on Marvel Unlimited, which puts me quite a bit behind the actual comics. And everyone is just going crazy wanting to know what happens next, so I know that if I buy it I'll only be just as frustrated and worried as they are, and then I'll have to buy the next one when it comes out, and the next and the next, because that's just how it works, but I still really really want to get it. And because I'm working tomorrow, I'll be very close to Amazing Fantasy and I have an hour lunch break. But I can't start buying comics again. I just can't afford to. Literally. But then I'm thinking it's only one title. But it was only one title back in the early 90s and the huge pile of bagged and boarded issues of every X-men comic between then (plus a little further back) up till about 2011 demonstrates my lack of self control.

Do. Not. Do. It.

I still might...

Nope. Will not.

I don't think.

Hopefully Marvel Unlimited will update with something good on Monday to make up for my amazing feat of self control. Like maybe Superior Iron Man #3...

Fingers crossed...

Buying comics

Sunday, 19 June 2011 00:33
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Well, it turns out that over the past three or four years, I have missed very little, and a hell of a lot. Comics are like that. Stuff happens, pretty major stuff, but in the end none of it is really that major.

I've got myself almost up to date on Uncanny X-Men. I'm still shaking from the news that the title is ending this year. I mean, I know it's far from the end of the X-Men, and it'll be replaced by something else. Two, somethings else, it seems. But this has been the core X title since the 60s, enjoying an uninterrupted run. I've got every issue from #273. #544 will apparently be the last one. The guy in the comic shop informed me that the team will then split into two, following the two separate philosophies of Xavier and Magneto. Oh, Magneto and Xavier appear to be on the same side at the moment. I have a lot of catching up to do, I've got a bunch of comics ordered that I;m waiting for. That's just Uncanny.

The title formerly known as simply X-Men, which I've got from #1, has been re-named X-Men Legacy at some point over the past few years. I've picked up the latest 5 or so while I was at Amazing Fantasy today buying bags and boards. I need to get all the back issues for that. Looks like Astonishing X-Men is still on the go too, so that needs getting. Then I dunno. I was reading New X-Men too, but I didn't see that. The guy advised me to get the Prelude to Schism mini. It's a 4 issue run, leading up to the Schism that's going to end Uncanny. (Dun dun dun!) I got the first two of those, and they're pretty awesome actually, one focusing on Xavier, one on Magneto. Erik. Max. Whatever he's calling himself at the moment...

So, all good fun. I wish I hadn't stayed away so long...

This afternoon, after going in town, my dad got out all his old comics to be sorted and sold. Talk about a daunting task. We've got Superman mixed with batman mixed with Spawn, Sam and Twitch, Powers, loads of random weird crossover things mixed in. And the guy has no respect for them. Seriously. They were all just shoved into cardboard boxes, not bagged and boarded, just thrown in, wrapped in carrier bags... Some of them are kinda creased up, but he does have some in sealed bags that have literally never been opened, collectors editions, the death of Superman, Clark's marriage to Lois. It's going to take ages to sort through, but I'm quite looking forward to it. I just wish he wasn't selling them. To me, comics are there to be hoarded, stored away carefully and never, ever sold. but then, mine aren't shoved unprotected into Jackson's bags and left to rot in the loft cupboards for ten years either.


Sunday, 12 June 2011 15:59
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I dragged my comic book collection out this afternoon. I'd forgotten how many I have. Enough to stock a small comic shop, if it was one that only sold Marvel, and pretty much exclusively X-Men back issues. I'm considering getting caught up and starting reading them again. It's been about four years. I stopped around the time I started working at the bank, becuase I wasn't in town any more and getting to the comic shop was inconvenient. I'd put it off, and plan to go next week, then next week it;d be raining or something, so I'd wait til next weekend, and so on. In the end I realised I was way behind and catching up felt like too much hard work. Wish I;d done it then rather than now! Oh well.

So, Silver Acre has most of the issues I'm missing. I'm just not sure how things have developed title-wise in the past four years, there's forever new ones coming out, old ones stopping. I think I'll start off with Uncanny X-Men and X-Men, get up to date on those, and then look at what else is around. I was reading New X-Men, not sure if that's still going. And a few other titles that I picked up now and then, mostly just for crossovers...

I'm going to have to do it a few at a time, don't think I can afford to get them all at once!

My dad's going on about selling his collection again. He's got years-worth of Superman issues, he read them all through my childhood. Also Batman, Spawn and Powers. He's asked me to contact Silver Acre to see if they want to buy them. Seems almost sacrilegious to sell comics. You're supposed to buy them, read them and then hoard them! But I suppose if no one ever sold theirs, then I wouldn't be able to catch up


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