Saturday, 8 February 2014 01:08
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I've just had an idea for a Lost Boys fic. I think it's good, but it's been a long time... I think I'll see how I feel about it in the morning. Watch this space.

Also, when talking about good films to a guy at work the other day, he said a film he thought I wouldn't have heard of. It was the Lost Boys. I had to laugh out loud, literally. I've informed him about the sequels. And Reign of Frogs. And the fact that I've written in excess of 30 fics. He was surprised. Also, the fool thought that Michael was the main character and was shocked at the prospect of sequels without him. I laughed again.

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Before I start moaning, an update on the found tablet thing. The guy who it belonged to picked up the email the next day and responded. I gave him my address and he came around to collect it. He was very happy, and brought me a big bunch of flowers and a box of Thornton's chocolates, which was very nice of him. So it all worked out in the end.

Now today, absolutely hilarious. So there I am leaving work. It's just after four, so although I think the sun has technically set, it's still almost completely light and there would probably be no need for lights, but some of the cars are displaying them and being on a bike I'm more vulnerable than them, so it seemed sensible to follow suit. Then halfway down Cottingham road, I heard the sound of something falling. I looked around to seems rear light on the road. I break, thinking I'll be able to retrieve it when, before I can turn around, there is a crunch noise as it is run over by a police car. Great. A bit annoyed, I continue on my way, debating with myself whether it is worth stopping at Ken Elleker to see if they have any lights the same make, so I don't need a new bracket, or whether it would be better to get home before he rain that had just starter got any heavier, when my bike came to an abrupt and unexpected stop. Puzzled, I noticed the reason quickly enough. The front mud guard had called halfway off, allowing it to get caught in the spokes of the wheel. It was twisted up beyond repair and the bike wasn't going anywhere. I lifted it onto it's back wheel and pushed it off tho road, then extracted the mud guard from the wheel. I couldn't get it off because it was still partially attached so I had to twist it upwards so it wouldn't fall back onto the wheel. Part of it though, didn't want to twist and insisted on touching the tyre, making a noise a bit like a remote controlled car as I pushed it (couldn't ride) home. Luckily I only live 2miles from work!

Lost property

Saturday, 1 February 2014 20:29
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I found a tablet computer today. It was just sitting on a bench in west park where I went with a friend of mine and his daughter for a quick play on the swings before we met my sister and Poppy for dinner. There was absolutely no one around, and certainly no wide-eyed, frantic looking people running around asking us if we'd seen it. Not sure what to do, I picked it up and put it in my bag, thinking I'd drop it off at a police station on the way to Big Fun that afternoon.

As it happened, I didn't have time to go to a police station because my friend allows bios daughter to dictate everything the do, meaning that everything takes ten times longer than it should. That and the Goodfellowship has practically no vegetarian food choices for kids, meaning that there was nothing for. Poppy to eat apart from vegi sausages and potato, which was what my sister was planning on giving her for tea, so wine had to move. Oh, and Hannah managed to spill an entire glass of coke all over the table, the birthday present she had got for Poppy and my sister. We ended up at e Old Gray Mare, which was much nicer than the GF, and had food everyone could eat.

So anyway, we were pushed for time and my sister needed to get home to get ready for work by about 4, so we went straight to Big Fun, and then I had to go to their house, then it was tea time, and the end result is that I just haven't had the time to go all the way to the police station. I feel bad about it, because I keep imagining this guy going there to ask if it's been handed in and being told that it hasn't. What I've done instead though, is have a look through it (it's not locked and I figure it's not snooping, it's trying to be helpful) and found his email address. I've sent a message to it telling him that I found 'an item' in the park that I think. ugh the his and to get in touch so I can get it back to him. I also found out his work email and sent the same thing to that. I tried ringing his work but the apparently aren't there on weekends, but I know his name, his email and where he works, so I wonder if it wouldn't be better to hang on to it for now, see if he gets back to me and if not then ring his work on Monday. After all, I bet a lot of people wouldn't think to go to the police station anyway, they'd just figure the ting was gone. Not sure what's best.

Old fic

Thursday, 4 July 2013 00:25
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I got a review earlier today on AO3 for a fanfic that I originally wrote in 2002. This was so long ago that in the original version, there is an author note that mentions my getting ready to move to Austria. So I was in my second year at uni which would have made me about 20. A while ago.

Anyhoo, the reviewer was a bit gutted that I'd abandoned the fic after three chapters. I was a bit baffled as that fic is not only finished but has a sequel. Then I noticed that I hadn't moved the whole thing over from Oops. It's fixed now, and I told the review about it.

But reading it as I moved it over for me thinking. It's a pretty terribly written story to be honest. Not as bad as I expected it to be, but there is a lot I could do to improve it.

Should I?

Or is it better to leave it as it is and concentrate on new stuff? After all, that sequel I mentioned is incomplete, and when I finished the fic I was happy with it. Should I do student me the service of leaving her work alone and getting on with my own stuff, of should i edit and pick at the old work and make it better?

I honestly don't know what to do. I think I should probably leave it. I think I'd want future me to leave my current fics alone if she encountered them ten or so years from now. But on the other hand, surely it wouldn't do any harm to play about with some of the grammar?

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Saturday, 11 May 2013 00:29
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I just got in from a night babysitting my niece. It was a practise shift ready for when my mum's on holiday (she and my dad are going to Hawaii - so unfair!) and I have to do it. Poppy is hilarious. As a delaying tactic so she didn't have to get in the bath, she went through my entire bag, investigated each and every thing, demanded I open my purse so she could count my money, then declared that all the coins were going in her money box. Then she opened my eyeshadow and applied it to her cheeks. And to mine. It's purple and shiny, we looked a bit weird. But she went to bed more easily than I expected, once I'd figured out how to put a nappy on (yeah, I'm genuinely that useless).

I took my computer with me, Hoping to write a bit. I have this idea for a Grimm fic, very silly, where Monroe kind of thinks of Nick as a pet. But I was tired and headachy, so I just watched my Grimm DVDs all night. Got through five episodes, including one I'd missed and one that I must have either not being paying attention too or I fell asleep during, because I only remembered about 25% of it. That or I was drunk the first time. Entirely possible.

Talking of, is it me or does Monroe drink an awful lot? I mean, not for a normal person but for someone in an American prime time show. I think every episode he's offering Nick beer or wine or even eggnog. Or just sitting around drinking at home. It's pretty cool really. Makes him seem more normal, somehow.

I feel a bit bad for jumping fandoms. I really do intend to write more Lost Boys fics, but this Grimm think kind of snuck up in me unexpectedly. But it's nice to have inspiration to write again, because no matter how much I said I wanted to, I found that nothing I wrote for LB worked out, not for months. Maybe a holiday in another fandom will wake the muse up.

Anyway, off work now for two weeks now, which is awesome, as long as my brother stays more or less sane. Fingers crossed.

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Thursday, 9 May 2013 00:24
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By this time tomorrow, I will have seen the new Star Trek film.

And with that final thought, I'm going to bed. So much for the early night I promised myself.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:51
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Still catching up on the last few years of X-Men comics, reading X-Men Legacy I came across this advert. I kind of stared at it for a second trying to think where I had seen it before, and then I was like "oh, ha!" thing is, there's no mention of the Lost Boys on it, no reason for them to be doing a tribute to the film that I can see, though I don't know what the story they're advertising is about, so it could be relevant. It's just very cool.

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Friday, 25 February 2011 14:00
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I am having so much trouble with this story. I think I need the watch the Thirst again to get in that mode, but I lent all my Lost Boys DVDs to my friend about a month ago and she's still got them. I just don't seem able to write anything decent at the moment, and it's so frustrating!

Also, Edgar as a half vampire is not easy. I mean, the first few moments, horror, panic, that I can get, but then what? When it comes down to the idea of having to live with it for a while, getting used to it. That's where I start having trouble. The thing is, I kind of know what I want to write, it's just mixing in the right blend of emotions and stuff. Alans reaction too. Very tricky.

I'm starting to regret starting this story. Now I feel obligated to finish, and it's a bit beyond my abilities, I think

Aaand now it's time to go back to work. Sigh.

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Monday, 31 January 2011 21:02
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I've come up with an idea for a new oneshot that I really want to write, but I also want to work on the Enemy, and I should work on Talented, which is getting closer and closer to the end now, and getting more difficult because I don't like ending stories I've got use to writing.

I think I'm going to deviate slightly from canon for the Enemy. I have an idea for an OC. A half vampire, but one that's been a half vampire for a long time and likes it. But if the death of the head vampire in the Thirst meant all half vampires became human again, that's not possible. So I'm thinking of making it that the ead vamp Edgar killed was *a* head vamp, and the same bloodline as Alan which is why his death freed him, but other half camps from other bloodlines could still exist.

I don't know if it actually makes sense at this point, obviously I'm going to try to explain it better in the story. I likethe idea of the character, anyway, so it needs to be done so he can exist.

But no more fic for tonight anyway, I'm on my way to the cinema to see the Green Hornet. I've ears good and bad things, so I guess I'll see what I thi k and form my own opinion.

I'm still in a really weird mood.

IPhone post, btw. Sorry or any typos!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 21:45
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So if the first two episodes are anything to go by, season four of Heroes is going to be good. Of course, season 2 started out okay too...
I hadn't even realised it had started again, though it makes sense since everything else has. TBag from Prison Break is it though, and I keep getting confused since even though he looks different and has a different accent, his voice sounds the same. Anyway, I won't get all spoilerific, but yeah, cool.

Both HIMYM and Big Bang Theory seem to be improving, though I'm still pretty meh about BBT. this one does have a few spoilers )

They're both off next week though, so no new episodes for two weeks. Much like pretty much everything. I don't get why American TV does that. Something to do with sweeps, someone said. I don't even really even know what that is. Anyway, I have Heroes to catch up on, as well as they stuff that's showing here, should be enough to keep me occupied.

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Sunday, 5 July 2009 20:42
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This is the view from my living room window. It looks kinda creepy, I think. Like the dark is enveloping the world. A storm's about to start. I love storms!

I feel better today. Not okay, but better.

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Sunday, 21 June 2009 20:39
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I have nothing of interest to say, just I've been downloading loads of random iPhone apps, and I got this Livejournal one, so I thought I'd see if it worked. Looks like it does, it's much easier than using the site on the phone. And it's free, so yay. Now lets see if the post appears on the site properly...

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(edit-yep it does. Though for some reason it thinks I'm in Greater London. I'm not, honestly. I'm sitting in my living room in Hull watching Kerrang while I wait for Supernatural to start.)


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