Saturday, 16 April 2005 01:59
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I only have 4 more season 2 Due South episodes to watch, I'm going to have to buy the third season pretty soon. I really shouldn't though! Talking of DVDs I need, I also haven't got Red Dwarf series 6, the second Atlantis DVD and any number of other things that I need. And since I've been re-watching Farscape on BBC3 I've re-discovered that obsession and am seriously considering getting all those on DVD too.

I actually planned on it a few years ago, and I got most of the first season and the first one of season 3. But that's it. I need the rest. Especially now they've stopped showing them (finished tonight with Die Me Dichotomy, the episode that turned me from a casual fan into an obsessed, DVD buying nutter!) I should stop spending so much though. I buy way too many DVDs, books and comics. I can't cut back on the comics because I'm hooked on them, but the DVDs...well, I guess I'm hooked on them too. But I could always wait a bit between purchases. I think I'm going to cut back on the spending until I get a job. On the other hand, I decided that a few months ago and just didn't. That doesn't bode well for the future of this plan!

My mum watched Traders with me this evening. I think she's definitely been turned into a fan. But she fell asleep five minutes before the end. I don't know what it is with her and my dad. Both of them seem incapable of watching TV and staying conscious. It's quite annoying. Still, at least she didn't snore. She did say that watching Traders makes her feel dizzy though. I have no idea whether she was exaggerating or not!

And veering off into yet another fandom, looks like it's official, David Tennant will be the 10th Doctor

And I'm off to bed. Which seems weird since it's only 2am, I guess I'm improving! (For now...)
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The number of times I spend the day doing nothing...
Oh well, it's kinda fun I guess. So, today I got up, read fanfic for an hour until my mum insisted I got dressed, played about removing lamp posts and cranes and other random stuff from some of my last years holiday photos, printed of a lot (a lot) of my favourite fanfics and lounged about reading some more (printing them off solves the problem where my mum thinks it's a waste of the computer to just be reading), watched Dr Who again, with my sister who missed it yesterday, then watched all the stuff that's normally on telly, then watched a few episodes of Due South, then came on the computer again.

Thinking about it, it's not like I really did nothing though, is it? It's just I did nothing anyone would be impressed by! Anyway, all the reading has inspired me to do some writing, so it's not completely wasted!
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I'm going to get a job! I've decided. I've got a plan and everything. I don't really want a job, of course. I kinda like having time to do stuff I want to, but unfortunately, no job means no money, so it's kinda necessary!

So, I rang up five employment agencies. Two took my details over the phone, two asked me to send them my CV and one asked me to go in and "have a chat" tomorrow. All of them seem very eager to give me call centre work. I have no idea whether I'd be able to do that. I really hate talking on the phone! But I could do it for a while. And at least I would be able to sit down while I was doing it. So that's good temporarily at least. In the long term though, I need to think of something that I can do that I would enjoy wouldn't hate.


Here's something random. Someone sent me this link to an article saying that Paul Gross (Fraser in Due South) will be playing a small part in some TV movie called The Tommy Douglas Story. But that funny thing is, he's playing John Diefenbaker, a former Canadian prime minister and the person that Fraser's wolf Diefenbaker was named after! Well, it made me laugh anyway.

Watching TV...

Tuesday, 1 March 2005 01:43
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Well, it seems that the maximum number of episodes of Due South I can watch in a day while my sister is in the house is 7. Pathetic. I've watched more than that during the evening when she's out. Well, next time I get the house to myself for a few days, I'm going to watch random TV all day. Well, no. I probably won't. Whenever I get the house to myself I usually spend all my time online...

So, watched the last ep of season 2 of Traders, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] perian! It was so good! Well, okay I was completely lost at first. But I had a vague idea or what was going on because I read the episode guide. I picked up the story fast enough though, but I'm sure there was plenty of stuff I didn't really understand. I'll be watching it a lot more times though, so hopefully I'll pick it all up eventually. There was the funniest thing though that Grant said. He was talking about a computer program that he hates. He says something about it being too easy, you just click the buttons, if you do something wrong it puts it right... It made me laugh though, because I was saying almost exactly the same thing the other day about those programs to help you build websites.

They just really annoy me. Frontpage and all those, I mean. I like to build my websites in html. Okay sometimes I get javascript code from other sites, but apart from that I do it myself. These pagebuilder sites, all you do is point and click, drag and drop, and there you've got a website that looks as good as one you built yourself. Only you didn't, you just planned it and suddenly it was made. This means that any eight year old who doesn't even know what html *is* can build a website that looks better than one of mine. Or at least as good as. And yeah, I know I'm not that good at it. All I've done it picked up a few basics off the internet and tried them out in different ways. And I've been told by my brother that I have no idea of style or what colours go with what (although that effect was actually what I was going for) but I have done it myself. When something goes wrong, I go through and check what I forgot, or what tag I didn't close or whatever, and fix it.
I have used these drag and drop programs. I used the one on Geocities back when I made my first site. And then I looked at the html and it was a complete mess! There was stuff all over the place that wasn't supposed to be there. It looked awful. And all the mess was making the pages load weirdly too. So I went through most of it and redid it myself. Which was a lot more fun than drag and drop anyway!

Sorry, totally didn't mean to rant!
I should go to bed...
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Quit the job. I hated to do it, I feel like a complete wimp, but I just couldn't do it. Or rather I could, but my mum convinced me not to..!

A justification/explanation/whatever )

So, I'm now unemployed again. I'm going to have to ring the job centre and tell them about the days work, then I'm going to go find-a-job-mad and ring every agency in town, looking of office work. Which at least involves sitting down and using a computer most of the day. Now that I can do. No rules banning trousers either!

For now though, I'm celebrating my unemployment by watching TV. Four episodes of Due South so far, I'm going to see how many I can watch. And then there's the episode of Traders that [livejournal.com profile] perian so kindly uploaded (thankyouthankyou) that I'll be watching in a bit, so I'm going to have a total do nothing day. Then, I'm going to get a job.


Thursday, 17 February 2005 04:08
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I have watched 6 episodes of Due South today. Fun!

Tomorrow, I might have another Traders day. I need to get my head around the way some of the characters speak. My fic may be read only by myself, but I don't want it to suck too badly if I can help it.

Talking of Traders (and Due South) I noticed Patrick McKenna (Marty Stevens from Traders) in one of the DS eps. This pleased me immensely because even when it's someone fairly easy to recognise, it's always nice that I can do it occasionally!
Then, out of interest, I looked him up on the IMDb and found that he was in 2 eps of SG-1 (already knew that), two eps of Forever Knight, and one of BWoC. I can almost imagine him in BWoc, actually. Not seen that show in a few years, I might have to fish out my tapes.
Oh, by the way, this is NOT the start of another obsession. I just found it interesting that he's been in most of my recent favourite shows!

They arrived!

Wednesday, 16 February 2005 15:13
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The DVDs got here! This is soooo cool. They were sent (here time) Monday evening and arrived Wednesday morning. Less than 48 hours to get here. True, more than 48 hours before they were dispatched, but I can hardly complain. Well, I guess I know what I'm going to be watching tonight. A Due South fest!!

Job centre people say someone from that women’s centre thing will ring me. So that should be interesting. Maybe.

So, Meobius was on last night. A cool ep. Made so much better by the fact that McKay was in it. In another fantastic T-shirt. I don't generally dl SG1, but I might have to get that one. He's only in it for a few minutes though, but he was (of course) great. I liked the lack of Jack/Sam shippyness in the ep too. It was sooo boring last week. This week it was completely gone. Mostly because the real Jack and Sam were only in it for a few minutes. I wouldn’t' be surprised if they brought it back majorly next week, since it looks like SG1 ended up living out their lives in 3000BC, and bodging the future up in the process. So they'll probably have them get married or something equally revolting. But then none of it will have happened in the end, but that won't mean we won't have to watch it. Of course, this is all a total guess.

How long..?

Tuesday, 15 February 2005 14:35
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I wonder how long it'll take my DVDs to arrive? It says 7-14 days, but last time it only took 3. Now I'm gonna be hoping for three days, and I'll be all disappointed if it ends up taking three weeks or something!

Oh no, I hope it doesn't take three weeks!

It shipped!

Tuesday, 15 February 2005 01:21
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It shipped! Yay! Thank you Amazon! Now I've just got to wait for it to arrive.


Monday, 14 February 2005 19:03
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Trying not to sound to impatient, but Amazon.ca still haven't dispatched my DVDs. It said usually dispatches within 24 hours, and it's been 48 hours. I guess Sundays probably don't count though, and it's still early afternoon there, so the might dispatch it later today.

I HATE waiting!
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The grups and Jennie returned. And guess what the first thing my mum did was (after taking off her shoes and coat, and stuff like that), she moaned at me for not clearing my plate away after my tea. It was sitting next to the sink with some bean sauce in it. She said it was "disgusting". I decided not to mention the T-shirt just yet. She will probably notice it for herself soon enough anyway.

Ordered series 1 of Due South. I've been meaning to get them for a while, and whole I've got a bit of money (in case the job centre decides to stop paying me after this interview on Wednesday or something) I thought I'd go for it. It's only £30ish (CDN$ 67.44). I'll get the other ones soon too. I think maybe I'm buying to many DVDs at the moment. Not that I'm going to stop or anything. Not unless I need to!


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