Thursday, 31 March 2016 10:21
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Funniest moment of the holiday:
Going through security at the little gate near the hotels, I sent my bag through the scanner and then walked through the gate, and the guy on he other side started staring at me. I kind of shifted nervously and then looked at my mum to check I hadn't missed him saying something but she didn't appear to have noticed anything. I looked back at the guy, he was still staring. I smiled and went to pick up my bag, thinking if the scanner thought it had found something he would stop me and ask to look inside. Instead, he looked at me more intently and said "Irish!"

I had to laugh. He was playing guess the nationality and he had been trying to place the black hair blue eyes combination!. He wasn't far wrong actually, although I'm English, my name is O'Brien and I'm of Irish descent. I feel a bit bad for not just telling him he was right, but I was just too surprised to think at the time.

Then there was the guy on the turnstiles at the Disneyland park itself who took out tickets and said "O'Brien. I've known some O'Briens in my time..." I didn't know quite what to say to that either!

Hilarious stuff! 😂😂😅

12 Monkeys

Monday, 6 April 2015 02:30
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I was ready for bed at 10pm. But I decided to write for a bit, and the my brother got home and for a convoluted reason involving the new series based on it and a conversation about favourite films, I ended up watching 12 Monkeys with him.

So, it's one of my favorite films. Always has been, since I first saw it when I was about 17. The new series based on the film is spectacularly unimpressive and I don't care for the new craze of making films into series, because they are always using good films that don't need to be redone. But although its one of my favourites, I hadn't seen it in years. I thought maybe my memory of it had been mixed up with other stuff and its not that good. Wrong. Definitely still one of my absolute favourites. That, Gattaca, Nothing and (of course) the Lost Boys. The series id pants. The've completely messed it up. In the film you don't really know until the very end what is real and whether them nain character is just crazy. He doesn't know. In the series, that is all gone. He proved instantly to Dr Reily that he is from the future in a really lame way, and then she just believes him and starts trying to convince everyone else after he disappears. Lame.

So yeah, if you're thinking of watching the 12 Monkeys series, don'. Just watch the film instead. It looks pretty dated now, but get over that and it's an awesome story. Watch it right now.
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If there is a character in a series who hasn't been given a first name, how do you handle that in fanfic? If, for example you are writing him in a scene where there is a need for someone to use his other name, what do you do? Write around it somehow, which can lead to the story sounding unnatural? Or just use the surname, which may have the same problem? Or is it acceptable to give the character a name? Personally, I don't like that idea, mostly because it doesn't seem right to name somebody else's creation, but also becuase if at some point he gets given a name, your story is going to sound odd.

Maybe the easiest thing to do is not to write it.

If anyone is wondering, I'm talking about Sergeant Wu from Grimm, and I'm not actually writing anything yet, it's just a theoretical question at the moment.
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I've finally gotten myself all caught up on Supernatural.

Minor spoilers )

Need Castiel icon...
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I've been thinking about Sam recently. I've been stuck in this kind of Thirst-verse since I started writing the Enemy, and I'm working on another fic set before the film. We see what happens to Alan in the film itself, but in the timeline of the Thirst, I would love to know what exactly happened to Sam.

This is a long one, cut to save your flist )


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