Monday, 20 December 2004


Monday, 20 December 2004 03:57
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Hey, look. I'm online at a really stupid time again. That makes a change.
The grups have gone down to Hoddesdon for the night, so me and Jennie have the house to ourselves. So I don't have to worry about them turning up and telling me the time. Which my dad tends to do when I'm either up to late or lying in too long.
Giving in to the urge to actually do something for a change, I made a new signature pic for the message boards. Like?

It took me all of five minutes, all I did was add a bit of text to a picture. But I'm using it as my sig on the message boards so as not to piss of the Sheppard fans too much. After all, I said I'd get rid of the anti-Shep one when the argument ended. It ended a while ago, though it did flare up again tonight! Put it as my sig on the David Hewlett board too.

Here's some big news - I didn't watch Nothing today! That’s the first time in a few days. Although I did put the DVD in and play the song on the credits a few million times. It is quite addictive. I wish I could get it not on the DVD.

Soooooo, gonna have to buy some christmas prezzies sometime I guess. Afterall, it's only a few days now, and I've got nowt for my mum, my sister, my brother or my friends. Only my dad so far. I suck at buying prezzies. For other people anyway. I have no problem buying them for myself - I know what I will like!

My neck really hurts, I can't make my chin touch my chest. I hope it's just from sitting funny and not meningitis or something. Maybe I should stay up in case I feel worse, or something. Probably just from sitting funny. And staying up will make me feel crappy, which will only re-enforce the idea that I'm ill. Think I'm becoming a hypochondriac? I hope not, that would suck.

So...what else to do before crimbo? Cards. Not written any cards yet. Good job I haven't got any to send to people by post, or it'd probably be too late. Well, technically I could have sent one to Klaus, Phillipa and Diana, but I didn't. Must E-mail them. Everyone else I can just hand deliver cards.
Also, I should totally make a chocolate log. I meant to do one last year, but I forgot. This year I will. It'll be fun. If it doesn't fall apart.
I should also try to remind my mum to make the christmas cake. She has been meaning to do it for about a month or more. Probably she'll remember though. I think
Oh, I should thank people for my birthday prezzies too, or Auntie Anne will get all pissy again. She's a bit of a misery head I think. Okay, that's a bit mean, but she's very my-dad's-side-of-the-familyish about thank you noted and prompt replies to e-mails and stuff.

Know what's going round my head?
'The universe is fine without us
We're just fine without them
So lets fly between our minds
Live in a place where we're friends...'

That song is so addictive! I really *really* wish I could get it!

That's all for now!

41 hours...
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I really wish I could sing. I mean, I'm not too awful or anything. If I practice a song over and over I can just about hold a tune, but I just wish I could sing. That would be cool.
Anyway, spend the day listening to Mad World over and over. Now I can just about sing along with it. Not sure I'd trust myself to do it where someone could hear me though! So now I've got that stuck in my head instead of the song from Nothing. Makes a change, I guess.

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