Friday, 3 December 2004

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I think Jennie liked her prezzies. She's off out later to her friend's party. Her cake was nice. Thank goodness! I'm always worried when I make something that i's gonna be gross, even when it's something I've made a million times before

Matthew came round. He said Cube sucks, but his sci-fi fan friend who did five shotties and passed out when I was round at his last month loves it. That’s cool, but Mob should love it too. "All the rooms are the same!" he complains. What a fool.
I told him about what Nothing is about though, and he agreed that it sounded cool. He got really enthusiastic and said he wanted to see it, actually. I really hope I can get it, because the more I hear about it, the more I want to!

Apparently I've got the whole house to myself all day tomorrow. That should be cool. Jennie and Lee are going to Sheffield to see the Darkness, and my mum and dad are going too, and having a meal with someone they know there, so they can give them a lift. And they are leaving quite early, so they can go shopping at Meadowhall. So I'll have a good, nag-free day!

98 1/2 hours...


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