Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011 23:25
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Yes! Sanctuary's back!

I found it completely by accident though randomly scrolling through the listings searching for the new episode of Smallville, but it starts next Tuesday. As does Smallville. Supernatural returns on Wednesday. Apparently, a lot of shows that I watch begin with the letter S. I've really got to get that Sky Nevermiss thing my friend was talking about sorted, so I can keep track of them all, becuase stuff isn't advertised properly. Or it is, and becuase everything I watch now is recorded, I just fast forward through the adverts and miss it. Downside to the convenience of Sky+, I guess.

Anyway, X-Men First Class comes out tomorrow, and I'm going, despite Orange Wednesdays and first night mania. I really hope it's good!

Earlyish night tonight, I think. Work was completely mental, as always after bank holidays, and I'm exhausted.
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Prompt: OK, I know it's pretty far from kinky, but I kind of desperately want some kind of fic about Loki as asexual/aromantic/whatever. And Thor completely Not Getting It, or maybe someone unexpected does, but I think it'd be pretty hard living in a place as macho as Asgard like that I guess when you're ace.
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